Restart rollback bill delayed as Senate pulls it from the floor

big road elogThe Senate bill that would have suspended two of the 34-hour restart provisions included in the 2013-implemented federal hours-of-service rule was pulled from the Senate floor June 19 after disagreements over procedural rules prevented the bill from moving forward for debate.


Opposition expected against restart rollback on Senate floor this week

As the Senate resumes work this week on its 2015 DOT-funding bill, the American Trucking Associations said it expects an attempt will come on the ...

The annual Transportation, Housing and Urban Development bill — which provides the Department of Transportation with its 2015 fiscal year funding — came to the Senate floor this week with an amendment that would have halted the requirement that a driver’s 34-hour restart include two consecutive 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. periods and the once-per-week limit on the restart, pending a study. That amendment — proposed by Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) — was added by the Appropriations Committee earlier this month.

Freshman Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.), however, had filed an amendment for consideration by the full Senate to strip the bill of the Collins amendment but keep the requirement for further study of the rule’s efficacy.


House clears bill amendment to stop FMCSA from raising carrier insurance minimums

Continuing Congressional action of late to try to rein in FMCSA regulatory activities, the House voted to add an amendment to its DOT funding bill ...

After Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) couldn’t agree on how to move the bill forward for debate and into the amendment proposition phase (a highly partisan procedural issue over the number of votes needed), Reid pulled the bill from the Senate floor.

It’s unclear when the bill will make its way back to the floor for debate and advancement.

The White House released a statement this week saying it did not support the Collins amendment, but it did not say whether President Obama would veto the bill over it.


Senate DOT appropriations bill would set e-log, CSA safety fitness determination deadlines

In addition to offering restart-changes relief pending further study, the bill requires an ELD final rule by January 2015 and SFD proposal by December of ...

The American Trucking Associations this week said it was “very confident” the Collins amendment would prevail. It also said it was confident the amendment would hold through the conference committee process, when the House and Senate confer to work out differences between their two versions of the bill.

ATA did say it was “disappointed” that the bill was pulled, adding that the Collins amendment is “sound policy.”

“It is overwhelmingly bipartisan and when it’s ultimately enacted into law, it will help keep our nation’s highways safe,” ATA said in a statement.

The House’s version did not include the suspension of the restart provisions, but it did include language that would prevent the agency from moving forward with its rule to increase the minimum about of liability insurance motor carriers are required to have.

It also did not include language in the Senate bill that would require the agency to produce a Safety Fitness Determination rule by December and a final electronic logging device mandate rule by Jan. 30, 2015.

  • guest

    Confusing enuff for sure….ignorant chumps should butt out completely.
    They really need to find drivers from Communist China to drive in America today….way too many rules and devices imposed for what Would Be a simple job!!!! Need Strait jacket and Camera Pointed in drivers face today and shout Commands…to some obediant communist…..Chain Him to the steering column…and when he gets to the weigh station….horse whip him……lol

  • guest

    What a MISERABLE job trucking has become….somebody would Invest Money to be dominated by cops???? How rediculous….better off taking yer money and open a Beer bar. lol

  • mydnite

    Maybe some of these folks need to ride along for about 2 months to a year and let them see how their implications work in real life & not in their fantasy world

  • martymarsh

    They use to be cops, now they are just revenue agents.

  • Todd Borman

    For a industry that was deregulated from federal control decades ago it seems like a over regulated industry. Once our government shuts us all down in the name of public safety n the gas pumps are dry the factory’s shut down n the store shelves empty n everyone is out of a job. Mb just Mb then our government will figure things out doubtful but Mb

  • Jason Haggard

    No big surprise, this is simply more lip service and posturing for show in order to make it look like the politicians in Washington D.C. are trying to help. They all make promises and never keep them….remember Jason’s Law? Still hasn’t come to fruition and chances are it won’t anytime in our lifetime.

  • Joe Taxpayer

    Stop the gas & groceries from rolling and we will see how fast they make a decision !!!!!!!!

  • DRR

    If you voted for Obama this is the result. My hopes are 2016

  • Byron Emery Mayfield Sr

    In 2010 after 36 years of driving I got rid of my truck with only 3 payments left and retired at 59 years old. It’s not worth the headaches anymore. Between the laws and a new class of drivers the highway no longer called me.

  • roge160

    The law was put in place illegally map21 rules were not followed .So it just shows DC will do what it wants as they all do any way .It does no good to talk to these law makers the only thing that is going to work is a shut down .So they can see we mean business .If you are in this business and you cant afford to shut down for a week or two then maybe you are in the wrong business to start with .Stop crying and stand up and do something. Stop all trucks July 1st wright before the 4th of July to show Independents . The stores will be MT and they will see we do have power and start to listen to us .

  • roge160

    Shut down July 1 right be for the 4th and stay home show independents If you cant afford to take a week off then maybe your in the wrong business anyway .Stop crying and just do it When the stores are MT they will see we do have power .

  • Barney

    should have known. Congress can’t get a damn thing done except for shut down during “inclement” weather

  • clete

    why do the millions of truckers let 500 odd idiots in dc tell us what to do when we know it’s wrong!!!!! pick a date and stand united against this nonsense. united we stand divided we will fall!!


    I’m with you are all the rest of you pussies or are you men we’ll just see about that

  • chema

    Lest do this lets do what they do in Italy and germany and you see how we stop this fucking not séance stop plz let stop this country for a week

  • chema

    Lets do this went no pickiting or rallys lest just go home and stop this but in the pice full way and you see

  • pissed o/p

    That’s what this communist government wants,mainly to get The o/o revenues to minimum,so they would stick their hands out seeking food stamps,housing assistance and society.and if we don’ stand up against this crap,it would just keep crapping

  • feelinopain

    2016 then what? More of the same regardless of party, to think other wise is a fools dream.Politicians prey on the weak to promote their agenda dictated by their corporate owners.

  • Deacon

    How many of the newer drivers on the road are riding the poverty line? You really think they’d shut down when the only way they can feed themselves and their families is to keep Rollin? Government and big companies have this industry by the testes.

  • Viki

    Big problem is that people are crossing party lines & voting various candidates to allegedly thwart a particular candidate in primary believed to be major opposition voter draw. Back in 2007/2008 one conservative talk show host launched his Stop Hillary Express & allegedly people crossed over for Dem’ primary to vote for Obama. Flip side Dems crossed over & allegedly voted for least conservative GOP candidate McCain. Kinda might make one wonder about validity of recent primary political election process events.
    Or, if there were allegedly numbers of phoney votes again in ?Philliadelphia, ?Cleveland, etc?
    This needs to get fixed yesterday. We need to get out the VOTE. Youth vote is largest of any group & I can see that there is par usual a good deal of editoriali(zing) with camera. Lots of new TV & movies. Lots of FLOWER POWER semi-acid COLOR. Don’t disregard your whacko 99% groupie enviro leaning kids. Reach out. Dems will. Remind youth we need cheap energy all venues if they prefer affordable tech/ agri/ whatever type clg. Dems if recall held sway Legislature when GI-BILL ended free access, i.e. NO TUITION, for Veterans to any clg he/she was qualified to attend.
    This methodology worked 2012 & celebrities like Whoopi G.paint a broad brush of ugly over the industry & their youth fan base is tech savvy & then this transliterated further likely via whoever, PACs, special interest groups & $ contributors & whoever is able to be most convincing & can push hardest… presents their interest in best light?…
    Think b4 u act. I don’t prefer Truckers behave provocatively but rather evocatively & raise sensibilities & awareness.
    ☆ASIDE☆Those kids I was talking about & some rosey glass eyed newer political types are all at risk in summer to influx of contraband. We need to keep eyes open. Isaac Asimov stated that memories are akin to ‘grape bunches & Acid blows apart those bunches & they don’t necessarily return to exactly same configuration.
    Asimov if recall correctly observed it thus may adversely effect loyalty, fidelity. So, person’s sense of history &perspective of same as it relates to micro to macro & macro to micro & view of family, town & all this so called hard science about where we are with runaway greenhouse will be pile drived through slurs about our IQ, etc & all that dirt will be thrown our way. If these kids riot in response, Obama will hav another potential excuse to declare Martial Law & suspend elections, especially if combines with natural hurricane disaster.
    This sounds like going around the block, but revisionist history/psych/soc’ youth being taught is tantamount to indoctrination versus real rugged individual intelligence & wisdom to discern difference between cunning & intelligence. The ability to recognize a ‘con’ job. And liars, cons & thieves usually come in same pkg.
    Personally I believe term limit must be ballot box. Don’t plz be persuaded to support term limits for Legislature thanks to this HOS mess. Term limits give PACs, govt Bureaucracies & military dominating influence/ctl because then the constantly ‘new guy’ constantly gets told ‘this is how it gets done’. Where will the professional be who knows how our messy democratic process works. The men & women who revere the fact that this process involves sometimes long in depth discussion. It involves dialogue, concensus & compromise. Checks & balances has been by another gent found to be compromised beginning ?under Clinton. Our jurisprudence process check involves dialogue & concensus or Mistrial. ? Where will we be if we can’t manage to maintain attention & attention to details? If drivers go short Fuze & frig this thing up to term limits & a (? What is it in UK now? 2Hrs & little longer than a TV quiz show for $$. A robot in truck for OTR sections won’t be far behind to cut cost & allegedly improve safety. But when this comes about, US citizens will no longer enjoy pleasure & thrill of open road & traditional family vacation. Democrat aristocrats like Pelosi will hav dachaus by sea, but rest of us are supposed to be enviro conscious & take pride in middle class relegated to postage stamp sized apt home & your Recreation Room is ‘common space’ areas.
    Back to term limits: Don’t you think those in Bureaucracies & PACs with 15, 20, 30+yrs in biz can sell the new guy on ‘x’ is how we do it, since dude/gal is likely now living in way bigger home in WDC than he/she does in home state. Oh, the food he can now afford. Yum. And the job’s travel perks. Sheeesh! And the fawning staff & & & Well, u get the idea.
    Don’t let pundits or misused celebrity con you about who you are. You, the American trucker, are backbone of this country. Respect yourself. Overall, you do a great job!
    Gotta sign off. God bless & drive safe. Viki

  • Viki

    Typo: UK dumped backlogged & expensive consensus jury in favor of majority jury & there’s a 2 or 3 hour deliberation time limit…period.

  • Viki


  • Viki

    Yup. Watch Fox news & yack about FUEL TAX HIKE & how money $$$ never gets to where taxes said it was supposed to go. Pundits speculating if Iraq messes up all way, gas prices go up to $4.50 to $5.

  • hillard

    I am a new driver . I have the company for 2 years now. And I’m from the south where dot is no joke. I agree with the shut down. A week will not kill my company. Some days I really regret getting in to the trucking game. I think each congressman should do 30 day ride along with truckers and see how bad they have made the DOT. It’s really messed up to be riding down the interstate and get pulled over for no reason. Or get red light in scale house for no reason. Let’s shut down . I will stock the house with food for the wife and kids and pull my drivers off the road and pay them to sit at home

  • guest

    Yep this is the NEW trucking….Cops everywhere telling truckers what to do….yippee……I would not want to Invest any money in THIS industry but maybe something that isnt Cop Controlled…..

  • badfinger

    Shutdown will only turn the public against truckers.Spend less time complaining and get to the law makers that is suppose to be our voice.The independent’s are the ones with the backbone.Company drivers and o/o leased to a company are a silent voice when it comes to fighting for whats right.The sad part is there is not many independents left.

  • sickofitinca

    When they are spending highway money for statues, bridges to nowhere, museums, bike paths, pedestrian paths, turtle tunnels and the like, I would see some benefit in using highway money for highways, NOT other unaffiliated projects. they say that they are out of money but spend money that is earmarked for highways for nonsense and then want more taxes.

    BTW, take a look at that fuel tax increase bill. It takes all of the money that is generated by the law and places it into the general fund, NOT the highway fund. Do you seriously think that they will spend it on highways if it is somewhere other than the highway fund? They use the highway money for stupid things already, why would they use general fund money for anything but more government giveaway programs and let the highways rot?

  • sickofitinca

    Yeah. That guy named “Inclement Weather” really has been messing things up lately.

  • sickofitinca

    I’m leased to a company and already plan to shut down that week to avoid all of the drunks on the 4th.
    I have money stuffed away for long enough to keep me and my family fed for awhile. Been thinking about retirement if they screw things up too much more.

  • sickofitinca

    So where in the constitution does it say that there must be parties or primaries? Let me save you some time – there isn’t any wording of that sort. The 2 major parties have rigged the game and to run as anything but a D or R isn’t worth the time or money since you get no coverage by the same stream media and can’t get to be on TV in debates.

    The game is rigged and they give us two idiots to vote for and force us to vote for the best of two bad choices. I don’t play the game anymore. I vote for city, county, and my local rep – that’s it. The rest of them can go straight to hades.

  • sickofitinca

    There are more regulations for truck drivers than for airline pilots. Tell me about regulations. . . . A pilot doesn’t get stopped at a scale as he flies between states, get pulled over for a “spot inspection”, get points against him if he is overweight, unbalanced or speeding……. and many more things.

  • sickofitinca

    Google is working on robot cars. Next it will be robot trucks. No worries about eating, pay, or cranky drivers when they catch a cold or a family member goes to the hospital. The dispatcher pushes a button and the truck is always on time. I wonder how they would do in snow ice and wind in the plains states. Prolly shut down more and have more late loads in the winter.

  • mikebech

    I’m with you buddy we need to shut it down . And get these monkeys of our backs.

  • rosepack

    It would only take 5 days and its a done deal. But until we can figure out a way it will profit the company drivers , there will be no shutdown. Its the “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME” attitude we have to contend with first. Then maybe us O/O will get some action.

  • rosepack

    We have no lawmaker on truckers side or we wouldn’t be in this mess today. They just bend us any old way and we are so compliant with it all. Just call us all GUMBY….

  • rosepack

    There is 3.8 million drivers. At $1 a day that’s $26.6 million dollars a week. ( Less than the price of a Big Mac meal a week for the driver). 119.7 million a month. We could be the riches and most powerful entity in the NATION in no time..What is a matter with you drivers. Lets get it together.

  • TAB

    shut down July1 thru July 5! I am.

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  • Gus Seals

    That is really funny, you cannot get the fools to stop hauling cheap freight.

  • wing

    it’s a stall tactic,,they don’t want us drivers to be anything but micro managed… By the way, Petro, Salina, kansas, 2 day s ago, forced my self and other drivers to leave the parking lot. I was at 11 hours of driving, parked on the north curb, by a trash can,south of the repair shop, on the concrete pad, out of anyones way, when two hours into my sleep, in the bunk, at 10:15 pm, security told me i had two leave the lot…now I’ve been driving for 36 years and this is a first. I drove 49 miles to find another space that was nice and quiet, well away from Petro,Salina, KS., who my company insists I buy fuel from. I also get food there, and a shower, but not anymore. I’m a human, not a dog in a tin dog house. Told the manager so and she said Petro is not liable if we get into and accident after getting kicked off the lot.If I got into and accident because of this, I would make sure Petro was a defendant in any lawsuit. I don’t bother any one, any time. I take care of my buisness and move on.

    What will Anne Ferro, our Fmcsa hero, do about that??

  • wing

    me too…already a done deal.

    Drivers, just park it in place..make everyone wonder where their next meal will be coming from.

  • wing

    tired of that chicken@@@@ reply.
    Their you balls man, so do you really like the free massage from the government???
    One day will not make a difference in the long run in your paycheck….cut off the hand that chokes you…get your freedom back….

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  • Basil

    Cars need speed limiters not trucks because cars are involved in 98% of accidents and trucks 2%, yet the truck driver gets all the flack because many years ago a wealthy persons child got killed by a truck driver, but they don’t see the thousand that get killed every year by Car Drivers ??

  • Danger Money

    I have been shut down for a month in protest just looking out my window watching you drivers drive on . Who are we kidding ? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.