Road Music From a Vegas Girl

| August 01, 2005

The new cd from Las Vegas performer Cori Sachs focuses on the ways truckers keep America rolling.

Cori Sachs wants to be a voice for truckers.

The singer and dancer’s debut album, Stand Up for Truckers, addresses everyday trucking issues like fuel prices, taxes, sleep deprivation, insurance rates, relationship troubles and more.

One song in particular, “Where Would the World Be (Without the Truck Drivers),” salutes the trucker by calling attention to the vital role truckers play in America. Written by John Long, the song says that without the truck driver, “We’d be standing at the grocery waiting in line; no, the mail wouldn’t ever run on time; my car won’t start ’cause the parts I need aren’t in.” The song also highlights the hardships of life as a trucker, from the blood-shot eyes to the high fuel taxes.

Sachs’ single, “What’s Goin’ On,” which is also on the album, was released mid-April and has made it to the airwaves across the United States and Canada. The song addresses the difficulties of trucking rules and regulations.

Other songs on the album are, “All Roads Don’t Lead to Heaven,” “Left Lane Livin’,” “Mud Flap Mama,” “Truck Driving Daddy,” “Moments and Memories,” “Billy and Selena,” “Down the Road,” “Mama Never Lies,” “Eighteen Wheeler Girl,” “Short Ride on a Long Haul,” “Stand up for Truckers” and “Gone Long Gone.”

While the lyrics target drivers, the sound features a variety of genres like country, rock, Latin, Western and even hip hop with a steel guitar.

Born and raised in Omaha, Neb., Sachs began singing and dancing at age 3. She turned professional at 15 and continued her vocal training at the University of Miami. Before settling in Las Vegas, Sachs traveled throughout the country for 15 years and made appearances in Atlantic City in “The Showboat Follies” and the hit production show “Dazzle.”

Sachs currently stars in the Las Vegas hit review “Honky Tonk Angels” and co-hosts the long-running TV-Radio show “Las Vegas Now” with Dennis Bono. Prior to “Honky Tonk Angels,” she starred as Miss Annie Oakley in the “Wild Bill’s Wild West Show” in Los Angeles. She also starred in the Las Vegas production shows “Country Fever,” “American Superstars” and “Legends in Concert.”

Sachs has recently been a returning guest of Bill Mack on the “Open Road Show” on XM satellite radio in April to promote the album. The CD is available on the web at this site and in truckstops such as Flying J, Petro, TA, Pilot and independent truckstops.

Hard-lifting Driver
Almost 30 years ago, a 20-minute conversation with Arnold Schwarzenegger changed veteran owner-operator Tony Moncrief’s life.

Moncrief, 46, began body building in high school and kept lifting into adulthood. But he didn’t take the hobby seriously until talking with the future California governor for a second time in 1993.

“Arnold told me I had nice arms,” Moncrief says. “He told me how to compete and what muscle groups to train.”

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