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Roadcheck to focus on hours of service, movers

| May 26, 2011

Truck and bus safety inspectors will be on the road night and day during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s 72-hour International Roadcheck on June 7-9, checking vehicles and their drivers at inspection sites along major highways across North America.

In addition, roving patrols will inspect vehicles and drivers traveling other roadways.

Since its inception in 1988, the roadside inspections conducted during the annual Roadcheck have numbered more than one million. It also has provided for the distribution of educational literature and safety events to educate industry and the general public about the importance of safe commercial vehicle operations and the roadside inspection program.

With the recent increased attention on driver hours of service and electronic onboard recorders, this year’s Roadcheck will emphasize checking driver logbooks and underscore to drivers the importance of maintaining their logbooks, taking breaks, preventing fatigue, and driving without distractions. Also, Roadcheck 2011 will include added emphasis on finding carriers of household goods who may be operating under the radar by using improperly marked rental vehicles and/or operating as a property carrier rather than a HHG carrier.

  • Tall Paul

    Why tip off the bad guys like that? Can’t anybody keep their mouths shut anymore?

  • Gordon A

    Every year it’s advertized and every year they get some bad guys. More tickets for a driver being sloppy or forgetful than just out right wrong or unsafe.

    I think that they are not targeting all the correct vehicles in it’s scope of highway safety.
    Way too often I see people in pick up and personal cars pulling a trailer with no lighting hook up or safety chains and the cargo not secured. We dodge items that have fallen out of their trailers and off pickup trucks all to often. But we get blamed for it.
    If CVSA pulled in EVERY vehicle towing a trailer, the LA Hoods, the enforcement officers and others would see that the real highway safety problem is not entirely SEMI’s and commercial trucks.
    The inspection parking lots would be full of pick up trucks that had no lighting or safety chains or securement on the load and the screaming and hollering and cussing by these drivers would be heard all the way to DC.
    Poor me Mr Congressman. I have been picked on.

    CVSA . The word safety is in the name. The goal it to make our highways safer.

    We (the commercial professional drivers) share the road with some very unsafe drivers driving some very unsafe vehicles and they are not commercial vehicles. Rental truck drivers are some of the worst on the road in my opinion. If the rental truck will run 80 mph they drive it 80 mph and have no idea how to pass another vehicle, use the mirrors or turn signals or slow down in construction zones.

    How about it CVSA ? When are you going to target all the safety problems on our Highways instead of part it it.

    I agree that the annual blitz does some good and it does get some unsafe equipment off the road or repaired and in some cases unfit drivers too..
    I would like them to get broader in their vehicles inspections and inspect all vehicles towing trailers. Then I we would not feel like a target because we had a CDL.

  • D. Eubanks

    We will always be targeted because of our CDL. If you have a standard CDL you have a 8 year lic. If you have a HAZ Mat endorsement you now have a 4 year lic. just because you have Haz Mat on your lic. If you get a ticket of any kind while in your car or pickup the penalty is worse than if you did not have a CDL. WE ARE TARGETED!

  • kevin C

    Plenty of bad guys carrying CDL’s checks and not just stop vehicles pulling trailers what about tour buses don’t they operate under the same rules (HOS) over the last few weeks in the northeast area have been a few ereaks involving tour buses some have had fatalities with numerous injuries one just the other day in Virginia 4 people died in the Department of Transportation came out saying that the company was going to be put out of business 45 days earlier but were given extension?! Would that happen to a trucking company that killed and hurt that many people I don’t think so driver was arrested for reckless driving I think that means (over hours of service) wonder how long it will be before he gets another job

  • rick scott

    North America? How many inspections will be done in Mexico? Get ready for the influx of junk from South of the Border.. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.