Separating the oil from the chaff

| August 01, 2001

Water, in the form of condensation, is a natural byproduct of engine operation, says Guzek. “When you separate water from oil you’ve reduced the rate of additive package depletion and stopped the formation of sludge, which always contains water,” he says.

Guzek says the combination of deep filtering and water removal gives his system the unique ability to eliminate oil changes in typical class 8 line-haul trucks.

A typical owner-operator spends $550 to $750 a year on oil changes. Many believe this is cheap insurance compared to the cost of major engine repairs. Recommended change intervals vary widely across the industry, and they depend on environmental, mechanical and operating conditions, idle time, and the quality of fuel, oil and filters.

It’s always prudent to consult a truck or engine dealer before investing in a bypass filter or embarking on an extend-drain program. Neglecting to do so could void every warranty within 50 feet of your truck.

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