September 2001

| February 01, 2002

Calematic wheel chock
(312) 222-1235

Plastic fenders bounce back

The Minimizer poly-fender is made of molded plastic and withstands bumps and weather, the company says. Mounting options range from stainless steel to composite plastic brackets.

Minimizer fender
(800) 248-3855

A better bolt

TydenBrammall’s new Super Bolt is an ASTM class E hardened steel cargo security seal with a tensile strength of 10,000 pounds and a locking strength of more than 5,000 pounds. The bolt can be removed only by a specialized tool and can be incorporated into a company’s cargo tracking and management program.

(800) 348-4777

Utility Trailer adds models

Utility Trailer Manufacturing added the 3000R Refrigerated Van and the 3000D-X Extra Wide Dry Freight Van to its product line. The 3000R features a 16,000 pound floor rating, lower tare weight and added durability in floors and lower sidewall impact areas.

The 3000D-X features 101-inch inner diameter width and 80,000 psi galvanized steel-lined panels with recessed fasteners for added cargo protection and easy loading and unloading.

Utility Trailer
(310) 657-5313

Improved wheel chock

The Smart Chock keeps drivers and dock workers alerted to the loading status of parked trucks. It communicates whether it’s safe to load or unload, the company says. The system includes a high-strength aluminum wheel chock with dual photo eyes mounted in the base and handle, an inside and outside communication panel and a door-activated photo eye.

Smart chock
(315) 463-7348

New tandem autoslide

Fleet Master’s new AutoSlide was invented by a trucker to reduce time and increase safety while sliding the tandem. The AutoSlide has an automatic pin-ejector combination that speeds up turnaround time and saves wear on the engine and drivetrain.

Fleet Master
(610) 355-9060

Coolant leak detector

Tracer Products’ new Tracerline BigEZ A/C leak-detection dye cartridges are available in 4- and 8-ounce sizes. The cartridges are designed for the Tracerline BigEZ multidose A/C dye injector and the new Tracerline EZ-Shot A/C dye injection gun.

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