Severe Service

Overdrive Staff | April 01, 2012

Engine maintenance will pay dividends by extending DPF cleaning intervals. Proper maintenance includes:

• Regular oil changes to keep wear and oil consumption under control

• Ideally, use of CJ-4 oil to extend the cleaning interval

• Minimal idling.

Navistar’s Mark Ehlers says to watch for head gasket leaks that could allow coolant into the exhaust stream, causing a loss of heat that inhibits the system’s ability to burn off soot. Even a small but steady leak of just five gallons over time could cover the platinum oxidation catalyst designed to accelerate regeneration, leaving the unit subject to frequent clogging. Clean the hydrocarbon injector as recommended to preserve the spray pattern. Repair any exhaust leaks right away.



Detroit, Cummins options for SD line

Freightliner Trucks offers vocational customers Detroit or Cummins engines to power its SD severe service model line, which includes the Coronado SD, 114SD (pictured) and 108SD. With horsepower ratings from 200 to 600 and torque ratings up to 2,050 lb.-ft., whether diesel or natural gas power is needed, the options include two engines the company showcased at the World of Concrete show. The Detroit DD13 and Cummins ISL9, the company says, are particularly well-suited to operations requiring 13- and/or 9-liter configurations.

Freightliner Trucks,



Severe service tire

The new Goodyear G71 truck tire for oil field, mining, logging and construction applications is big and durable, the company says, but also versatile and adaptable to various conditions. Extra-deep 33/32-inch tread with a wide footprint provides high mileage and traction, combined with a self-cleaning tread design to help resist mud buildup and enhance grip. The cut- and chip-resistant tread compound helps provide long-lasting performance on tough terrain with block sipes to enhance traction. The tire will be available in May in size 11R24.5, load range H.




Rugged tablet

Panasonic’s new Toughbook H2, a Windows tablet PC, is designed for highly mobile professionals in severe environments. Weighing in at 3.5 pounds with 6.5 hours of battery life, the tablet offers an enhanced processor and expanded drive capacity, while being faster and more versatile than its predecessor. Features include ports for ethernet, USB and true serial options as well as enhanced outdoor viewability with Panasonic’s TransflectivePlus technology. The tablet also features embedded support for 4G networks. 





In addition to collaborative work on the Caterpillar CT660 vocational trucks, Cat and Navistar have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding to develop a new cab-over-engine Cat vocational truck that would be sold globally, part of their NC2 Global initiative.


The Detroit DD platform of engines – including the DD13, DD15 and DD16 – marked production of its 100,000th unit since the DD15’s launch in 2007.


Eaton extended the warranty coverage for its Eaton Fuller Reman and Eaton Fuller Flex Reman vocational transmissions from 18 months to 2 years. The company began similar expanded warranty coverage for all Reman and Flex Reman linehaul transmissions last year. And in addition to availability enhancements, the company also expanded its UltraShift Plus line of automated transmissions with the Vocational Active Shifting (10-speed) and Vocational High Performance (13-speedd) models. Lower torque options are available in the Vocational Construction Series and Vocational Multipurpose Series transmissions. The 18-speed Multipurpose Extreme Performance platform, to handle torque up to 2,250 lb.-ft., has also been approved for applications outside linehaul and heavy haul, including logging, mining, oil field, construction, city delivery, refuse and off-road.

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