Sharing the road: Some common sense on regulations to reduce crashes

Pete Zimmer | July 30, 2014

highway roadThe following bit of “common sense” came in from independent owner-operator Pete Zimmer of Las Vegas, Nev.

If the federal government would take the information that has been compiled from various departments and other sources, and then apply it to safety, lives could be saved without creating unnecessary new regulations and new costs for the trucking industry and consumers.

The Department of Transportation reports there are roughly 500,000 truck accidents (truck = more than 10,000 lbs.) per year with 5,000 fatalities; 98 percent of the fatalities are in the passenger vehicles.

The American Trucking Associations reports as many as 80 percent of car/truck accidents are caused by the car drivers.


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The National Safety Council reports 1.4 million crashes per year among all drivers involve cell phone use. This does not include texting, which is widely used.

Put the safety where needed. Educate auto drivers. Increase fines to make an impact. Put regulations where the biggest problems lie. Make fines equal for all. We are all on the same highways.

According to the statistics, we truckers are the ones in danger. Be careful! –Pete Zimmer, Las Vegas, Nev.

  • David

    I’ll have to agree with Pete on this. The cars get away with murder in the courts as the TRUCK is always to blame. They think the trucker or his company has big wallets and deserve to shell out when a car is hit. It is always “The Truck’s Fault” and this just is not true. When a trucker is in an accident the max. points are put on his lic., when a car driver gets in a accident with a truck, the min. points are issued and the car driver seldom pays anything for being careless.

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  • Nick Lane

    Been saying this since 1980 an in the 80’s Virginia started putting commercials on tv to teach people last about 6months if I remember right . But no one is listening to common sense it’s to easy CAN’T WORK

  • guest

    Nobody cares…plain and simple…we are taken over by Special Interests who PRETEND to care…..but MONEY is their God. Forget about this safety crap…it is all a JOKE with paid off congressmen and mega Fleet Owners….2 low paid mexicans in every matter the Carnage. lol

  • Kendall Oakleaf

    Run’em over exterminate their ass truckers are not the baby sitters of the highway.

  • mousekiller

    I think there is way too much assumption on every drivers part. Far too many drivers. Truckers included that do not know how to merg. Most think that thru traffic has to move over for them. Truckers think because they don’t have passing gear every one has to get out of the way. Not much different than the person in the car. They assume because a lot do move over it is the law. Not so. Merging traffic does not have the right of way. Did you know CDL drivers, that you can get a ticket for moving over and it can be considered improper lane change. ? major violation. Not worth it in my book. I upset a lot of drivers in their cars for not moving over and I figure if they don’t know how to use a turn signal, observe traffic flow and adjust speed to enter the flow of traffic without interrupting it they can drop in behind me.. I do move over if there is no traffic around that needs to hit brakes or change lanes . That is just one example of how stupid and un informed so many drivers are today.
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