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Do extensive research

The best advice I could give is to research as many carriers as you can and talk to drivers from those companies and when you decide on a carrier, stick with that one company instead of bouncing around.


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Blaise Verdino’s family heirloom is an 18-wheeler

How did you get into trucking? My dad is a trucker and has been trucking for almost 50 years — so I grew up with a love of trucks. He told me a lot of stories about the road — a lot of them I can’t repeat. What does it take to be successful in […]

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More Advice

Pick a carrier who invests in you

Make sure you get a carrier that is interested in you for the long haul; one you can make money with and that treats you well. Darrell Titus | Owner-operator, TNT2 Trucking Co.

Check the CSA report

Check the CSA report for one thing. If it’s bad go to your next pick.

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