Shooter of eagles

| December 15, 2005

But then diners lost their luster.

A revival in the 1970s introduced national chain diners into food culture.

Some diners are not old at all but brand new attempts to cash in on nostalgia. And some are old but so refurbished they might as well be new. But some are the real thing. Many are unsung, hidden away and known only to locals.

Rosie’s Diner: Rosie’s was built by the Paramount Car Company in 1946 in New Jersey and moved to Rockford, Mich., in 1991. Artist and owner Jerry Berta maintains a website for the diner and his diner-themed artwork. The famous diner has been featured in Bounty commercials and the Food Network, and it’s now connected to an 18-hole mini golf course. The menu features classic burgers, “hot rod” ribs and a medley of delicious desserts. Visit this site for more details.
4500 14 Mile Rd. NE
Rockford, MI 4934
(616) 866-3663

Broadway Diner: Built in 1949, the Broadway Diner in Columbia, Mo., features a unique and low-priced menu. The “stretch” plate is a heaping portion of hash browns, a two-egg omelet, chili, cheese, peppers and onions, with jalape

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