Reality Check

Carolyn Magner

Sneak preview of Overdrive’s Most Beautiful stories

| March 19, 2013
  • heather B

    I think we should thank Carolyn for the great opportunity and the gall to put real women in front of those semis not sexy sultry vixens that are hardly dressed turning over drive once again into low rider. N further devalueing a womens role in the industry professionally

  • Becky Jennings Meadows

    Agreed heather B. ! I am not a model, however a real trucking woman. I work hard! I get up everyday, dress in WORK clothes, steel toes, jeans and safety colors, and sport a blaze orange hard hat! I sling chains in the rain, in the snow and in the hot sun. I don’t know any woman that wears heels and skirts with nails and hair all done that can function in this industry and especially not in heavy hau, oversize and flatbed work as I do! My time off work, I’m in the barn feeding horses, grooming, mucking, riding, training and teaching! I’m a mother to 5 daughters and wife to my trucker hubby. My husband says its nice to see me dressed up andall gussied up, but he prefers me in my jeans and boots and says I am much sexier as ME ….the trucker, trainer…mommy and wife.
    He convinced me to enter the contest, so who knows, maybe I’ll win. But if not, its no sweat either!

  • Lisa M’s Baby Girl

    I want to thank Carolyn for giving my mom this opportunity. She has had a hard life being a single mother of four, and now she finally gets to chase her own dreams. And without this contest she may have never had such an amazing opportunity. So thank you so much :) strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.