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Some Virginia Interstates to rise to 70 mph

Jill Dunn | October 26, 2010

Virginia will post 70 mph speed limits on 61 percent of the state’s rural Interstates by Dec. 31.

In March, Gov. Bob McDonnell, who had campaigned for the change, signed two bills into law to hike speeds from 65 to 70 mph on 680 miles of Interstate, following a traffic engineering study. Virginia’s transportation department cautioned drivers to adhere to the posted speed.

Additional safety improvements will include installation or upgrade of guardrail, rumble strips and additional signage.

View a listing of road segments here.

  • Gordon Alkire

    Increasing the gross weight of commercial vehicles will not do much for the economy a whole.
    The rates will not increase enough to offset the lower fuel mileage and the wear and tear on the vehicle. Tires will have a shorter life span, Engines will be worked harder and the owner will not realize enough profit to off set the additional costs incurred.
    There will be more rear end accidents due to these heavier trucks going slower up long grades.

    Has anyone considered that some states will not raise the off interstate roads weight limit to allow the carrier grossing in excess of 80M to deliver their loads or to load them.

    States are in a financial bind and cannot afford to have a significant increase in road repair due to this weight increase.
    Raising permit fees and taxes will not make the roads better nor safer.
    Nor will it make the goods hauled less expensive to buy. The end consumer looses.

    One more thing to consider. Way too many of today’s Truck drivers are barely qualified to drive a Semi at 80M , now someone wants to raise the weight limit to 88M. Simply put, The roads will be more unsafe than they are today.
    If these officers of TCA and other proponents were active truck drivers and actually drove a Semi in something other than in a parade this discussion of raising weights would not have made it out of the board room.
    The only ones to make money are the large carriers with huge tax breaks and the tire manufacturers and repairs shops.
    This weight increase is nothing more than a ruse to eliminate the small fleet and independent trucker. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.