Something big brewing at Cummins?

| April 04, 2014

OD Equipment Editor Jack Roberts hits the road early next week to visit Cummins’ headquarters in Columbus, Ind. 

While the trip is not inherently out of the ordinary, he writes in a blog post on OD sister site CCJ, the timing is: Cummins had a room full of trucking industry reporters on hand for a presentation and dinner just a week ago at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky. 


Cummins announces new technology focus and vehicle telematics system

If you hold press credentials for the Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville, KY, then the traditional kickoff event for the show is always a dinner ...

Less than two weeks after that trip, the company’s spending “its own money and time for a private event without any show induced distractions,” Roberts writes

Roberts hints Cummins could have a big announcement up its sleeve, or it may not. Either way, the timing, he writes, is unusual, “and my money is on something big — or at least something very interesting — going on in Indiana.” 

Click here to read all of Roberts’ post, and stay tuned next week for announcements from Cummins’ event. 

  • Leonard l Blair

    Y can’t we build a engine that burns clean without all that emissions add ed to the truck.

  • Brad Kayganich

    It would be too efficient. The Government doesn’t want you to be free, and prosperous. Just a actionless ,ignorant, voiceless slave, who can be raped, destroyed, and dismantled, of everything you have.

  • crash dummies

    I have played with the timing on an 87 marmon with an square hood and a 3406 cat 425 hp, 13spd 373 rears, and was getting 6.8 miles to the gal .better than some of the newer trucks out here today.we shoud be by now gettig 10 plus miles to a gal by now…

  • crash dummies

    There wasnt enough testing done on the emissions to be put on the engines, gov rushed eng builders to sell that junk to companys. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.