Overdrive Staff | May 01, 2012

Effect of handheld rule on drivers with hearing aids?

I recommend an exception to the ban on use of handheld cell phones while driving for truckers who are hearing impaired and wear a hearing aid.

I know many commercial drivers and other motorists who wear aids, and many have to remove one to use both cell phones and land lines. Can the commercial drivers be exempted due to having to handle the hearing aid and then the cell phone and ear piece to take or make the call?

Far too many external units, such as a GPS and some CB systems with blue tooth capability, don’t work properly and many have poor reception. As a rule, background noise interferes so extensively that it’s difficult to hear everything.

For those whose hearing is perfect, it’s difficult to understand the challenges those with hearing loss encounter daily.

Bans such as the one against handheld communication devices are only the beginning of the end for free-thinking drivers and innovative carriers. Independence is on its way out if we don’t band together for a common goal.

GORDON ALKIRE | Owner-operator | Riley, Kan.



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