Overdrive Staff | March 01, 2010

RICKY KLATT | Oconto Falls, Wis.

“The 14-hour rule should be done away with totally. Instead, drive any way you want as long as you don’t drive or work more than 12 hours in 24 hours. If on duty and not driving, truckers must be paid the prevailing wage for all hours worked. If a trucker is waiting to be loaded, then the shipper must pay… For one time in my life, I would love to see the government do what is right for the working guy and not what the company or big money people want.”


“So many times I don’t have any hours left to run, and the shipper or receiver won’t allow us to stay there to finish our break. In the Northeast, it can take an awful lot of time and distance just to find a parking space. Perhaps there can be an exemption to allow us to make it to our homes when we reach our 11 or 14. The hours of service best for the industry would be 11/15 with a minimum of an 8-hour consecutive break.”




The letter “Benefits in handling your own IFTA” in the February issue was written by W. Joel Baker. Overdrive regrets the error.

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Plan well to survive

For an independent trucker such as myself, only one economic law applies: supply and demand. Right now there’s plenty of trucks in supply and not much demand for them. The result is many trucking companies will be forced out of business. No shipper cares how much fuel costs a trucker or what his other costs are. The shipper cares only about how much he can get a truck for. And you can be sure the federal government or the states won’t do anything to help. As Linda Longton correctly points out in her column “Be a survivor” [Viewpoint, June], owner-operators better figure out a way to survive.



What is your idea of the perfect truck?

tim“Something like a Peterbilt, with 10-gear transmission. Something that doesn’t smoke too much. . . . A white truck.”

TIM COLLINS, Hopewell, Va. | Swift

keenan“One with a bathroom. Nothing fancy. Just nice on the inside. Comfortable seats, comfortable bed. You can’t drive well without a good night’s sleep.”

KEENAN ROGERS, Memphis, Tenn., Southern Refrigerated

Warren“I’d like to have a decked-out Peterbilt 369. There’s nothing prettier than a black truck when it’s clean with lots of chrome.”

WARREN HAMBRIGHT, Jacksonville, Ala. | Sunbelt Transport

bill“A mattress, a good, working sleeper, a comfortable seat. I’d be partial to white myself.”

BILL READMAN, Pearl, Miss., Atlantic Industrial Services

Todd“I’m not too big on the fancy things. . . . So my idea of a perfect truck is no chrome, no payments, plenty of room inside.”

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