Speed limiter rule coming? DOT report says yes, and could be this year

| March 13, 2014

truck-highwayJoining an already full trucking regulatory docket this year could be a rule that requires trucks to use speed limiters, though what the limited speed may be isn’t known.

This according to the Department of Transportation’s monthly report on significant rulemakings, which says the rule could be published Oct. 1.


E-log mandate likely coming soon: White House clears rule, publication nearing

After more than seven months in waiting, the proposed rule mandating Electronic Logging Devices has cleared the White House's Office of Management and Budget, likely ...

The rule would join a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration agenda that already includes an e-log/recorder mandate, the drug and alcohol clearinghouse, a driver coercion rule and the CSA-related Safety Fitness Determination rule.

Per the DOT report issued this week, the rulemaking is being done in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and was spurred by petitions from the American Trucking Associations and Roadsafe America, who asked the agency to require speed limiters in trucks with a GVWR of more than 26,000 pounds.

Following NHTSA request for public comment on the ATA and Roadsafe petitions, the agency received “thousands of comments supporting the petition’s request,” according to the DOT report.

The rule, says FMCSA, “would decrease the estimated 1,115 fatal crashes” each year involving trucks that would be subject to the speed limiter rule.


Judge: Speed limiters are unsafe, violate rights

Speed limiters are unsafe, arbitrary and violate the principles of justice according to a recent precedent-setting ruling by an Ontario trial judge.

“We believe this rule would have a minimal cost, as all heavy trucks already have these devices installed, although some vehicles do not have the limit set,” the DOT report reads.

FMCSA and NHTSA could have the rule to the Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx’s office for approval as early as May 21, according to the DOT report, and the rule could make to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget by June 26, with a projected clearance date of Sept. 25. At the meeting of the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee in early February, FMCSA Associate Administor for Policy Larry Minor noted a limiters rule publication would necessarily “look for comment on whether this will need to be retroactive,” he said, or whether it would require retrofit of older equipment or apply only to new trucks. 

After the forecasted Oct. 1 publication date, a 60-day comment period could be expected to last through Dec. 1, according to the DOT report.

The DOT projections, however, are subject to change.

In a legal case dealing with speed limiters in 2012, a judge ruled limiters are unsafe and violate rights. –Todd Dills contributed to this report. 

  • localnet

    I think it is time to simply take all trucks over 26,000 GVWR completely off the road. It is just no longer safe out there. Problem solved!

  • jim stewart

    Yes, lets have everyone running the exact same speed out here. That works out so well for those fleets who already own governed trucks doesn’t it? Do any of these lawmakers ever take a trip other than by air? Apparently they don’t understand the term “road rage”.. Well now there’s going to be a new term “Tsunami Road Rage” That’s the mass of angry four wheelers behind the twenty truckers who finally manage to get around the three trucks they started to pass twenty-plus miles back!!!!!!!

  • localnet

    Boy you said it, and that is exactly what will happen. Personally, I hate driving in packs. Whenever you see one of those major pile ups, like Michigan City a few weeks back, that was a pack of trucks all rolling along together. I know how they drive across there, I-94, always bunched together and it drives me nuts, because I know what can happen if someone screws up. Governing these trucks will be a disaster.

  • 4b

    Ok….I can deal with eobrs, getting harassed daily by the fuzz, and cavity searched at the scale..But when I am told how fast to drive the truck I own I will quit…Frankly I’m to the point that I don’t give a damn….enough is enough….

  • jojo

    They will then outlaw trucks from passing other trucks as well as making it illegal for trucks to operate outside of the right lane.
    The ATA has million dollar companies as members. We have OOIDA that has only 250,000 members fighting for our rights. Pennies fighting dollars!
    If the ATA companies were paying for their drivers Time would they be so eager to slow us down?

  • jesse wood

    all these states that have raised their speed limits to 80 and 85 mph knew this was going to happen thats why they let the cars and trucks run the same speed that way the fmcsa will look like the bad guys and they are the bad guys

  • Brad Kayganich

    Those 1,115 fatal crashes involving trucks, are 90% caused by incompetent four-wheelers, the rest by so called professional drivers, who don’t need a CDL. Setting a speed limiter on trucks is a bunch of horse hockey. Drivers skills are the issue, not the speed. Perhaps the majority of ass wipe four-wheelers. should have their license revoked, along with some of these CDL holders as well.

  • James

    I think the Feds need to keep their noses out of Truck Driving unless they want to go through a good school,learn everything it takes to drive for a living and put their “skills” to the test for a couple of years. How can they effectively make up rules and laws for Truckers if they haven’t “walked the walk”? They CAN’T!

  • g

    Try to pass someone on a 2 lane with a cut back speedlimited truck…..really scary……try to pull a hill with a cut back truck….nauseating.
    Robots is what they want…mindless clowns….ordered around by Hitler Cops.

  • g

    Dash Cams are next…..Big Money wants to install them in every truck in America….for safety of course……..need to keep an EYE on the trucker…he is a born criminal….needs Observed.

  • brad

    i used to get mad when a governed truck would get beside me for two miles trying to pass just to go a mile an hour faster and i had to slow down to let them in.I do not have a govenorbut i dont need it because i dont need to go that fast.but i do need the abilty to pass.I guess now i wont get mad when i get side by side and welcome the traffic jam this will create on the interstate.I now will be happy to sit side by side and let the traffic build for miles.F the ata and the four wheelers.Since the ata knows whats best for everone they need to start paying my bills since i am now there employee.the ata is like any other group with a hidden agenda.they need to be exposed for who they really are.

  • David S. McQueen

    The simplistic mandate to have all big trucks (over GVWR 26,000) all running at the same speed is ludicrous. Speed has nothing to do with safety UNLESS there is another factor involved: inattentive driving, road conditions, traffic, etc. Logically, when people solemnly intone, “Speed was a factor”, they completely ignore the other factor(s) that contribute to a crash. It’s ignorant people in positions of power who make things bad, not truckers out there on the road going the speed limit. What happens when all big trucks are limited to 55 MPH and the speed limit is 75 MPH?

  • David S. McQueen

    Dash cams are fine with me (as long as EVERYONE driving a vehicle has them). Of course, if it becomes mandatory, union members and congressmen and their staff will be exempt. It’s a very dangerous thing to pass laws, then only enforce them against certain groups for political reasons. Revolutions have been started for less.

  • David S. McQueen

    Agree. Remember, though, that these things aren’t done with an eye toward safety. They are done because it makes politicians look good in the eyes of the uninformed and ignorant voters.

  • Laura Wade

    All this just in time freight can go by the wayside. It will take way too long to go cross country @ 55 mph or whatever slow speed they think we should drive. All we’ll have is a 65 mph drag race. We aren’t governed and we don’t drive the speed limit but @ least we can get around the slow pokes. I agree about the not driving in packs. Nothing good comes of it but wrecks. Lets just put everything on trains and let Warren Buffet pay our unemployment. Oh and could you tell the trains to outlaw those damn bright lights !!

  • xHGx Lambert

    These people have done regulated us truckers to death. Why not just make it where you keep us broke and tell the real reason, they tax us and limit us so much. When someone starts making money this government just got to have there. Hands all over it

  • Dave

    Well they imposed speed limiters on us here in Ontario a couple of years back and it is pointless. It really does take forever to pass a truck going just that much slower, and once you’re done with your manoeuvre all your new friends you made waiting behind you give you the number one sign.

  • Franklin Poer

    well i own my truck and thats why i bought it so it can have the freedom to do with it what i want now the government and big companys are goin to tell me that i cant run the speed limit but i have to run what they say well if this happens i am done.government needs to get out of trucking just saying

  • William McKelvie

    I’m waiting for them to regulate when I can fart next ………….

  • Ralph Hiatt

    What I’d like an answer to is how many of those estimated 1,115 accidents are they figuring is the truck driver’s fault. I’m sure some of those estimated 1,115 accidents are not all truck drivers.

  • Ralph Hiatt

    This nonsense is pure bs. Just my opinion. I say “let them truckers roll.”

  • Frank Tryon

    So if you are going the same speed as that truck.. why pass it?
    Just Saying

  • Frank Tryon

    Save time, QUIT now

  • Frank Tryon

    Pay attention to parking… they are mindless now.

  • Michelle

    Truckers need to stop the backbiting, ALL come together, and shut down. The government needs to understand that without trucks, America cannot function. Without some kind of serious action, this industry is going to have more and more stupud regulations heaped on us.

  • Byron Emery Mayfield Sr

    I have been on the road for 37 years and every time the government comes out with a new idea to control trucks , someone comes out with an idea that let’s you get around the new rule or law. I am retiring because I am tired of working in an industry that won’t stick together. In 1976 I was in a truck that was hit by a train and now I want to set on my porch Let the rest of you suffer.

  • Mark Edgemon

    Running same speed doesn’t work….Look at state of Ohio. They have had some of the worse car and truck crashes ever because of 55 mph truck speed limits.

  • Mark Platt

    I am safety director for Oak Truck Lines, a terminal agency for GreatWide American Trans Freight and I cannot believe the ATA or any other so called trucking association would be in favor of this insane move to have every truck running the same speed. First they mandate the new HOS ruling which appears to me to be dangerous because it pushes drivers to drive when tired and during peak traffic times because the 14 hour clock cannot be paused, then they want elogs, which further push drivers to run when tired instead of taking a nap, and now this…

    Our current communist government is out to DESTROY businesses and ruin productivity in the USA.

  • Tex

    Limiters are a fine idea for automated work (Who wants jars of mayo falling off the production line before the lids are on?). But TRUCKING IS NOT AUTOMATED!!! And going slower is not always the best response!!! Just a few days ago, I missed being involved in an accident in Atlanta by slipping through a gap between a jackknifing rig and a bunch of 4-wheelers slamming their brakes. Too many times, driving involves split-second decisions based on training and EXPERIENCE! Taking options away from us is not the safety cure-all that the desk jockey regulators would have us believe.

  • Tex

    Really? If you’re not a driver, what are you doing here? Governors are just a way to take control of the vehicle away from the DRIVER and give it to some desk jockey who wouldn’t know a jake brake from a jackknife.

  • Jason Haggard

    Of course we know that putting speed limiters on trucks is unsafe, myself and many others have provided the proof from the stats that showed with each 5mph difference in speed on the highway between vehicles then the percentage of crashes increases exponentially.

    Maybe this concept is too hard for Anne Ferro to understand as she isn’t qualified to be in charge of the FMCSA in the first place but we know it isn’t the case. The fact of the matter is that they do not care what the truth is. Let me beak it down for everyone.

    Safety lobbyists get paid big bucks to go after eanything trucking related by any family who had a loved one injured or killed in an accident that involved a CMV. They didn’t even have to make physical contact with the truck, they still go after them because an ambulance chasing attorney tells them to and they can get big bucks.

    Now the family is well loaded with cash after being paid a settlement and they donate to safety lobbyists, they in turn need to find something new to come up with every so many years to attack the industry in order to appease those who donate to them. These same lobbyists contribute to political campaign funds in order to get new rules passed on behalf of “grieving families”. If a politician has the integrity to stand up to them, they threaten to pull their funding and end his or her career.

    Anne Ferro was not voted into her position , she was appointed to it as someone who would be friendly to the administration and listen to what the influential political entities tell her to do.

    NOTE: I understand that some people reading this may be offended and think I’m being callous in regard to families who have legitimately lost a loved one to a irresponsible CDL holder, however the vast majority of professional drivers out here put safety first to begin with. Once again we have another case of punishing the entire industry for the actions of a few hacks and some overzealous attorneys. Grieving families need to take note as well and research the “safety advocates” you are enlisting to hunt down truck drivers…….you will find that many of them are nothing more than a law firm with a false front.

  • fjf

    speedlimiter to a truck no thanks til the government starts speedlimiting a fourwheeler then maybe I may accept the rules , but till then banned the limiter to trucks ,

  • localnet

    Death and carnage.

  • localnet

    And with CCW permits all the rage…

    I own a firearm and am pro carry, but….

  • 5Herb7

    Ok Troll, back in your hole.

  • David S. McQueen

    To the liberals in Lord Obama’s regime, all trucks and truckers are at fault because most of them didn’t vote for him. It’s all about politics, not safety.

  • Sam

    Due to truck accidents and deaths,,,,The Fed’s where sued in a class action suit in court made up by a committee of US citizens to employ new regulation and enforce the regulations. ,
    They did not take the health of the driver into consideration, Drivers are being treated as if they are light switches to be flipped on and off.

  • Sam

    My truck has been govern at 75 since the day I bought it but I rarely go more than 65 or 70 anyway so unless I am passing someone it’s no big deal

  • Ron Bidelman Jr.

    agreed. matter of fact ill do it on purpose every chance i get.

  • trucker 55 years old

    need to vote out the dem. controled goverment. fast, soon,before we are bagers at the check out stand.

  • g

    Yep…it all unsafe…shut er down……its become a sick joke anyway.

  • guest

    Yes the Flatulence Mandate should be introduced soon to go along with this OTHER B.S.
    The act of passing gas thru the anus without a permit…will Not be tolerated…it is clearly Unsafe.

  • David A. Marchand

    And will require a Haz Mat Placard depending on the mass of Gas you expel!

  • David A. Marchand

    Did not vote for him, will not and would even dream of voting for that idiot. Now, allegedly, one is supposed to have the freedom to do what he or she wants. Also taking into account one is responsible for said actions. So, now we have to be governed? stuff that! Most of the rigs i have driven are regulated to 65 on Cruise with 5 to 10 MPH extra on the pedal for emergencies, and yet i have not had a speeding ticket in a CMV,ever……..if it is not broke, DO NOT try to fix it, M’Kay????

  • Tom T

    Never happen. They, (government and industry) have created a ME FIRST society. Take the commenter above who sates, “my truck dose not go any faster than 65 or 70, sooo I don not care”. Obviously he dosen`t run out west. Add that to the constant turnover over with every new driver pounding his chest thinking all the rest are nothing but complainers, and well you get the picture. Deregulation ended all solidarity and it will never return.

  • Tom T

    If this dose not send the rest of the older experienced drivers out the door, then that means they will put up with anything. Be prepared for more regs.

  • Tom T

    Yea, and it is contributing to global warming. Wait till Al Gore hears about your idea.

  • Tom T

    Like all other regulations pertaining to extras, they should be on a voluntary basis. I believe in dash cams. My son works with a driver who was lucky he had one, and no he didn`t have to. In Ct. he held up some kid in mustang who when he finally got to pass, gave him the finger pulled in front and slammed on the brakes. He told the trooper he was just slowing for traffic and the truck driver called the trooper back and showed him the cam. The trooper said I wish all you guys had one of these, it would
    make my job so much easier. Come to think of it, with mandatory ELDs and speed limiters it might not be a bad idea because your gonna be pissing a lot of four wheelers off out there who may be able to pass to you do.

  • Michelle

    I don’t know who this ATA group is but they obviously aren’t in the truckers corner.
    Let me get this straight. They want all trucks doing the same speed so we can all be jammed up in giant groups, while the dumb asses in 4 wheelers drive like bats outta Hell?!?
    I will be looking for a new line of work when this happens. If we truckers can’t unite as a whole and fight this shit, then it’s just not worth it.

  • rollawy

    get on a 2 lane road and pass granny when shes going 45 a see what happens..

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