Supreme Court denies review of FMCSA’s pilot program with Mexico

| January 13, 2014

mexicoUntitled-1The U.S. Supreme Court has refused the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association’s request to hear its case against the federal cross-border trucking pilot program with Mexico.


FMCSA wins case, pilot program with Mexico to continue

The cross-border trucking pilot program with Mexico will continue, as a federal court has ruled against both cases filed by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association ...

The justices decided to not review OOIDA’s appeal at their Jan. 10 conference. In July, a federal appeals court rejected the association’s request for a rehearing of its ruling that allowed the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to continue the program.

Meanwhile, agency officials have admitted Road Machinery as the 15th carrier in the program, and a decision to admit Transmex Inc. is pending.

The Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety had voiced concern over the two-truck, two-driver carrier’s safety record and the overall program. In a Dec. 16 response, Associate Administrator William Quade stated the carrier had sufficiently corrected its shortcomings to be admitted to the program.

  • Tom T

    Rather than depend on the Courts to handle all these problems they should be addressed at the voting booth.
    Teamsters were also a part of this appeal and if a I am
    not mistaken, supported Obama for re-election even though
    he ignored Congressional action to de-fund the cross
    border effort. Congress is where the problem should be
    addressed, the Senate, and as long as people continue
    to vote the way they are, they will get exactly the
    government they deserve, Obama Care and all. OOIDA
    did what it could, after the fact. Too late now.

  • Mike Smith

    Courts can no longer be trusted, nor the gov, going back to the Reagan “Amnesty”. We are experiencing a Judicial Activism. The working citizens have been betrayed by almost every aspect of our government.

    The Mexicans coming into Our Country taking our jobs is an attack on our country, our people & our sovereignty; and the very people who colonized and settled this country from Sea to Shinning Sea.

    We are experiencing some “new form of Passive Aggressive WAR against us.

    I haul though out the So W. It is now ALL MEXICAN. They are enriched while we are being little by little, eliminated.

    I have watched what has happened to us since Reagan. We are experiencing a New Form of Genocide. War has been declared on us but most can’t even sea it.

  • g

    The Courts want to hold the gates OPEN for any Kook to drive any Jalopy up here and take any Job too. We are in for More cheap labor flooding in….a mexican truck doubles as an Apartment for the Family too….House on wheels…home schooling for the Bracero kiddies…..Only the Best will Drive???
    What a sick Joke….

  • g

    Betrayal for SURE….to benefit Big Money we are being Over Run with foreigners…..many of whom are Savages…our Prison Population is 33% illegal aliens…Majority of Felonies are committed by illegal aliens….Most Murder Warrants are for illegal aliens….this push by Big Labor to bring mexican criminals here is really NOT a good idea for any American Citizen.

  • g

    The “browning”of America is very obvious as you say in the Southwest….totally Over Run….repleat with sanctuary cities….so MANY mexican criminal Gangs are setting up shop here direct from south of the Border…laughing at Americans who have been Sold down the Sewer by our Government….

  • g

    Braceros lead the charge across the border to all point in America!!!! VivaMeheeeco…….criminal mexicans welcomed with open arms!!! Viva Meheeco

  • g

    In this modern age thats what we need…3rd world Stone Age Braceros??? Evolution in Reverse is what we are getting in America…..Neandarthal Gangs causing civilized Americans to Arm ourselves and build Security Perimiters around our homes asour neighborhoods deteriorate and Violence and crime increase with the influx of Crazed Mexican Maniacs flooding into America…..changing for the WORSE in AMERICA.

  • Tom T

    I agree with your points and would like to add, lets say it like it is. Bottom line, who votes for democrats? who wants to stay in power? This is called nothing more than building a voting base. On the courts, you are correct and there are bigger people involved in changing this country. If you dig deep enough, I think you will find activists judges are bought and payed for by Geo. Soros. He is probably the richest man in the world and controls much of what is happening, politically around the world. I would not be a bit surprised if he was not behind Obama`s relentless pursuit to change our way of life to colonialism. I was shocked when for the first time in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice
    John Roberts actually changed an unconstitutional law to make it fit the constitution which left us with what we have now. Apathy, me first attitudes, the ‘I don`t care’ mentality delivers exactly what you see around us. Open the borders and bring it on, the horses are out of the barn. You will never get them all back in now, we stopped paying attention.

  • MarsRiver

    I agree with everything here but the last part of the last sentence. We were paying attention. Years of previous conversations posted right here told the tale of what was to come. We just didn’t do anything “real” about it. Whining and blogging didn’t get it done. A failure to take action. A failure to join together as a single force. A failure to shut it down both inside and at the border. A failure to hold those responsible for their actions accountable. It is very sad, but never too late. The British thought they beat Washington at Delaware. He wasn’t retreating, he was regrouping. Let’s regroup.

  • Mike Smith

    We vote expecting the reps to PROTECT AMERICAN CITIZENS. They did not. They SOLD US OUT.

    Please don’t don’t make out like it was are fault like so many. Think things through & you may see what I mean. People voted for Reagan. They didn’t expect Reagan was going to sell us OUT. This was a betrayal. History supports this, & says its worth of WAR. After all we should be able to see how our territory, jobs, and lifestyle have been taken, and given over to 3rd world savages here in our country & jobs given to foreign countries; like China & Mexico.

  • Enfuriated American Trucker

    So let’s beat them to the punch. Let’s rise up and form our own blockade on the border. Let’s tell the Mexicans, the American gov’t and everyone else who’ll have to take notice when we park a ton of trucks at all the crossings from east Texas to the Pacific Coast. Hell, while we’re at it, let’s shut down Canada too. The rules are so damn lopsided that it’s time for us to real action, right now, or fall upon our own swords of inaction. Nut up or shut up. Lets pick a day, and I’ll drive my Cascadia right up to the border and shut it down until they have no choice but to listen. I’m on board, are you? God save America. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.