Swarmed in the cab: What to do if stung while driving

Even if you’re not allergic to stinging insects, a crazed buzzing creature flying around in your cab aiming to jab you with a needle and inject poison in you is a scary thought.

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Especially while your main priority is keeping your rig aimed safely in the right direction.

What should you do if you’re swarmed by one or more stinging bugs while driving? The latest installment in the Worst Case Trucking Scenarios infographic covers just that:


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  • martymarsh

    Who writes the answer’s to these things? Black ice, turn on your flashers and blow your air horn? Flashers not used in the right place causes panic, if you are stopped in the middle of the road because of an accident or such, then they make sense, but on ice anyone coming up behind you automatically goes for the breaks which could cause a big mess. Now what does your air horn do, please enlighten me.

  • martymarsh

    I went thru most of them and all I can tell you honestly, if you can predict what a person is supposed and will do in a panic situation, you might be in the wrong business.

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