TA head breaks down industry’s obstacles for natural gas conversion

| June 26, 2013

Thomas O’Brien, President and CEO of TravelCenters of America, broke down what he called three “roadblocks” for trucking companies wanting to convert from diesel to natural gas: (1) Natural gas trucks are more expensive, (2) If demand goes up, the price of natural gas will go up and (3) There’s not much natural gas infrastructure in place.

O’Brien spoke this week at the ACT Expo in Washington, D.C., where Overdrive sister site CCJ contributor Jason Cannon covered the conference. Click here to see CCJ‘s full write-up on O’Brien’s address.

O’Brien told attendees natural gas will likely be one of several fuel choices in the future, and that converting to natural gas for trucking companies is more about overall flexibility than a rigid switch from diesel.

He said infrastructure will continue to come with demand, and some studies show that a quarter of the trucks on the road in 2020 could be powered by natural gas, O’Brien said.

Click here to see full coverage of O’Brien’s speech.

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  • johnny rouse

    He’s right,also any compressed gas used in an uncontrolled environment such as the interstate system is just plain crazy.Use it offroad in a controlled environment

  • Kurt Keilhofer

    And starting with a shortage of truck parking, installing natural gas fuel islands will make the problem worse!

  • Texan Phil

    I work in the oilfield hauling saltwater. The wells we service produce lots of natural gas, sometimes its just burned off on site because there are no buyers. Would be a great testing ground for natural gas as fuel with 500 trucks working day after day in the same area.

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