alternative energy

Diesel, conventional engines will remain dominant, Shell says

Diesel's not going anywhere, says Shell, at least for the next 35, as its GM Richard Tucker says that in the year 2050 two-thirds of vehicles on the road will still use conventional fuels.

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‘Pilot, drop in 150 gallons ULSD, over’ — On mobile NG filling stations

Ever fantasized about the potential for airborne diesel refuelers to fill the tanks in-transit? Given the widespread reach of truck stops in America, it's probably well unnecessary, but hey, anybody can dream, right? Though efforts are being made -- most notably by the partnership of Clean Energy, Pilot and Navistar, as well as Shell Lubricants' own effort -- to proliferate compressed/liquefied natural gas fueling stations along major highway lanes, the same can't be said of natural gas ...

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Clark: Alternative fuels key to American economic prosperity

Retired U.S. Army Gen. Wesley Clark says the investment in alternative fuel is the most important component in U.S. prosperity.

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Obama announces alt-energy plan at Daimler Trucks plant

President Obama announced a $1 billion initiative to spur deployment of clean, advanced vehicles.

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