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Ex-Arrow chief loses expensive home

| July 08, 2010

Former Arrow Trucking drivers, as well as those disgusted by the company’s mismanagement, might gain some slight sense of vindication in reading the Tulsa World’s account of the foreclosure on the home of former Arrow ...

Arrow Trucking: Lawsuits, blame and good news

| February 24, 2010

Some new developments emerged in recent days with Arrow Trucking, now two months after its Dec. 22 closing. Two items are from the Tulsa World. One details how lawsuits filed individually against executives are moving forward ...


Overdrive Staff | February 01, 2010

The Overdrive staff delves into the Arrow Trucking debacle, texting, driver contests, Pride & Polish, DOE funding, CARB compliance assistance, tariff modifications in the Port of Los Angeles, air emissions and much more.


Max Heine | February 01, 2010

When paychecks bounce, as reportedly happened with Arrow Trucking, it speaks more loudly than any excuses from management.

Early warning signs at Arrow Trucking

| January 18, 2010

One of the lessons to come out of the Arrow Trucking collapse is to recognize warning signs and take appropriate action.

Bank sues Arrow Trucking

Jill Dunn | January 15, 2010

Transportation Alliance Bank alleges the flatbed carrier conducted a fraudulent scheme to overbill the institution.

One Arrow driver’s story, through the eyes of the Schneider National hauler who picked him up

| January 13, 2010

Nacogdoches, Texas-based Schneider National driver Robin Reese recently told me a story that ranks among the absolute most positive I've heard to come out of the bankruptcy of Arrow Trucking, which before officially filing as bankrupt ...

Feds issue emergency order for Arrow

Jill Dunn | January 06, 2010

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ordered the carrier to get its trucks and cargo to safe locations.

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