Have you seen the black dog? (And Tony Justice in the studio: pics)

A look behind the scenes of a recording session with Tony Justice at Ocean Way in Nashville -- and Michael Massaia's photography series "Seeing the Black Dog" documents long-haul trucks at rest areas for the night.

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‘Banana peel trucker hat’ on Today show

It won't fit on your head, that's sure. Check out this post, part of the Today Show's "Bites on Today" food-related newsletter, about artist Brock Davis' Banana Peel Trucker Hat -- as well apparent from the photo, a ball cap perhaps more appropriate for mouse than human and utilizing for its construction the bottom portion of any garden variety banana peel. (Davis originally intended it to amuse his kids -- then pictures of it went viral.) Click ...

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Retired long-haulers make folk-art metalwork strides

Long Neck, Del.-based Judy and Lou Hagen, according to the latest in the Delaware Cape Gazette's "Saltwater Portraits" series of profiles of community residents, came to their current metalwork artistry while running long-haul through Georgia in 1999. They saw "a piece of crude metal art," writes reporter Ron MacArthur. "We came home and did some Christmas pieces,” Judy (pictured, photo by MacArthur) told the reporter, which birthed "2nd Time Designs," as their operation on Route 24 ...

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