| November 02, 2010

PIB TIP: SLOW YOUR ACCELERATION. This will consume less fuel and be easier on the mechanics of your equipment. Accelerating slowly on hills or in the mountains is especially important because doing so helps reduce ...


Max Heine, Editorial Director | November 01, 2010

The timing of any major year-end expenditure should be viewed in light of taxes.


Overdrive Staff | November 01, 2010

The proposed national fuel economy and greenhouse gas reduction standards, electronic on-board recorders, CAT vocational trucks and a Hoover Dam bridge are among the trucking issues featured.

| October 26, 2010

PIB TIP: MAINTAIN TIRE PRESSURE. To reduce rolling resistance, check the tire air pressure in all 18 tires and fill them up at least weekly to the manufacturer’s specifications. The trailer tires may belong to ...

| October 20, 2010

PIB TIP: PERFORM REGULAR PM. Preventive maintenance ensures your truck is running efficiently. Check your current miles per gallon at each fill, and if it falls off, determine the reason. Check often enough to catch ...

| October 12, 2010

PIB TIP: USE OF AERODYNAMICS SAVES MONEY. Use all-position tires on the rear, and make sure they’re the same tread as the steer tires. Match the sleeper package to the application: When you’re pulling a ...

| October 06, 2010

PIB TIP: THINK AERODYNAMIC. Snug the trailer tight to the tractor to cut down on wind resistance. The ride may not be as good, but the savings are worth the trade-off. Add features such as ...

| September 28, 2010

PIB TIP: SPEC YOUR TRUCK WISELY. Your paycheck will show whether you chose a truck with a big engine and a lot of chrome versus a truck engineered to meet your business needs and help ...

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