Call it what you will

Of final journeys: "...the last time we come across hauling a box, so it's the end of this trucking chapter in our lives. There's a step deck adventure waiting for us, and I can't wait to get on it. God bless America, and God bless the truckers!"

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Ready, set … Go to MATS!

Ready, set ... Go to MATS!

Sometimes, beauty is hard.... Things get weird as Wendy coordinates the outfits for her son's senior pictures, likewise her own for MATS.

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The difference between ‘hot’ and ‘beautiful’

The difference between 'hot' and 'beautiful'

"A beautiful woman is often pleasing to look at because she has an inner light and makes everything around her prettier."

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‘A good step backward’

'A good step backward'

Readers react largely positively to Overdrive's return to the photographic practice of pairing beautiful women with beautiful trucks.

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