Brad’s Classic Trucks

VID: Cracking Evel’s safe with Robb Mariani, Brad Wike

And, most importantly, small fleet owner Wike's lead mechanic Frank Phipps (pictured), who did the vast majority of the heavy lifting with a blow torch and drill, Wike himself with the plasma cutter, at Wike's place of business in Lincolnton, N.C., on Saturday. As with many such endeavors, the process of it all was much more adventurous and interesting than the end result. That's right, in spite of the lore I mentioned in my post from ...

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Safe-cracking time: The Evel Knievel haul rig restore-in-progress

If all goes well, says American Trucker host Robb Mariani, tomorrow he, North Carolina-based Brad Wike and the rig's owner will at least attempt to crack a gallon-size safe found under a cabinet in the floor of the Evel Knievel haul rig Mariani located and featured on his show last year (check out the "Finding Evel" episode via that link). I'll be there for it, so expect an update. "The story is Evel had some jewelry ...

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Visiting with Evel Knievel in N.C.

This morning I'm headed out to Brad Wike's "Brad's Classic Trucks" shop and home of his BPW Transport company, both of which have gotten the feature treatment on the Speed Channel's American Trucker show, hosted by Robb Mariani. Mariani helped engineer part of the reason I'm headed to Wike's shop: Wike's doing a partial restoration on the Evel Knievel haul rig (pictured), a custom-built 1974 F Model Mack cabover that Mariani sought out in the ...

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