I-405 lanes in Los Angeles closed again

| March 02, 2012

Lanes of the busy freeway will be closed for six nights starting last Friday.

I-405 in Los Angeles reopened ahead of schedule

Jill Dunn | July 15, 2011

Truckers coped with the shutdown by leaving early and taking alternate routes.

Getting around ‘Truckermageddon'; American Trucker season 2 ‘gets hardcore’

| July 14, 2011

California 'Carmageddon' also a 'Truckermageddon'? NBC Los Angeles ran this report on truckers' plans for avoiding the I-405 shutdown this weekend -- the 405 will be shut down northbound in a 10-mile stretch between I-10 ...

Los Angeles prepares for I-405 shutdown

Jill Dunn | July 07, 2011

The city is employing social media to alert drivers to the upcoming closure.

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