FMCSA considers CDLs for hearing impaired

Jill Dunn | October 14, 2011

The National Association of the Deaf submitted applications on behalf of 21 drivers seeking exemptions.

FMCSA questions Mexican driver testing centers

| October 10, 2011

Agency reported concerns it found during visits at Mexican testing centers for the equivalent of a U.S. commercial driver’s license.

FMCSA awards $5M in grants to Kansas

| October 03, 2011

Federal grants for Kansas are aimed to improve truck and bus safety across the state.

New York arrests 51 for holding multiple CDLs

Jill Dunn | September 12, 2011

Police used facial recognition technology on CDL photos uncovered the alleged fraud.

South Carolina official indicted in CDL scheme

Jill Dunn | August 04, 2011

South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles discovered official had aided in creating false CDL test scores and operational enhancements.

Minn. rest areas remain shut

Jill Dunn | July 13, 2011

Minnesota’s public rest areas remain barricaded as state officials near the two-week mark of their shutdown.

FMCSA wants feedback on 5-year safety plan

Jill Dunn | June 30, 2011

Safety improvement proposal is aimed at removing high-risk drivers and carriers from operation.

FMCSA sets rules calendar

Jill Dunn | May 27, 2011

Agency anticipates publishing a Dec. 9 final rule establishing a national medical examiner registry.

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