I’m not crazy, just a product of the 70s

Wendy talks to a long-failing computer: "There's a distinct possibility we'll be having a Best Buy Intervention when we get home, and if I get arrested for talking to a vacuum cleaner, I blame Sid and Marty Crofft."

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Candidate and fleet owner channels Van Damme in ad

Meet Ga.-based 10th-District Congressional candidate and Collins Trucking fleet owner Mike Collins -- and checking in with 2010 Trucker of the Year Mike Crawford, bringing home on the road...

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‘Nice mouse, driver’

The folks at Avant Garde Gifts, LLC, offer the MotorMouse, a computer mouse of wireless design and in varying colors -- and that looks like a sports car, as you can see (that the Porsche 911 you recognize). As company reps have it, it might well be a "great gift" for car lovers at Christmastime or for a birthday, is "perfect for the office or at-home use, and it's a guaranteed conversation starter." Indeed: imagine the ...

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