Recovery on the back burner

| May 18, 2009

As recently as April, manufacturing still looked mostly bad, notes the latest weekly roundup from Bob Costello, chief economist for the American Trucking Associations. April output grew for autos, paper, wood products and nonmetallic mineral products. ...


| May 11, 2009

 As one of my former editors was fond of saying, “The stuck pig squeals the loudest.” You can hear a little squealing from the headquarters of pork consumption, Washington, D.C., in this blog entry from U.S. ...

Some positive trends for the first quarter

| May 08, 2009

First quarter figures from ATBS show a few encouraging notes. Among all hauling segments, clients of the Denver-based owner-operator accounting firm saw average income rise from $3,892 in January to $4,074 in March, due in ...

Credit card bill moves to Senate

| May 05, 2009

Legislation that would remedy much of the credit card industry’s consumer abuses is closer to reality. It was approved by the House last week and now is before the Senate. As mentioned earlier in this space, ...

Topics for coming webinars

| April 24, 2009

Well over 100 owner-operators turned out Wednesday evening for Overdrive’s first webinar. Kevin Rutherford, our Dollars & Sense columnist and the host of ATBS Trucking Business & Beyond on Sirius XM, had a lot to ...

Landstar rides out the storm

| April 17, 2009

When the economy’s in a tailspin, some observers like to speculate that the owner-operator is about to become an endangered species. Indeed, many contractors have fallen out in recent months, but there’s no doubt about ...

Diesel: Cheaper than gasoline?

| April 13, 2009

If you’re still smarting over last year’s outrageous diesel prices, you can take a little comfort in a prediction from the U.S. Department of Energy. The feds forecast diesel will average $2.19 over 2009, and ...

Hurray for homebuilding, retail and manufacturing

| March 27, 2009

  Martin Crutsinger of the Associated Press this week notes that five key economic areas show potential early signs of a turnaround, in spite of continuing signs of worsening problems.   Three of the five directly impact ...

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