Old World, new tech

Electric-truck spotting across the pond.

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British TV show features female hauliers…

The new Mother Truckers TV show on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom pitches in its intro a looming takeover of the industry there by drivers of the female sex -- as one reviewer put it, however, that only works if 2 percent of drivers being women qualifies as looming takeover. Nonetheless, the fact that the show exists is at least an interesting development across the pond. How long before we have our own here, I ...

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‘Truck spotting’ takes off in England to industry image benefit

Remember the oft-described "good ol' days" of the 1970s? When truck drivers were portrayed by the movie stars of the day and lionized by the public as hardworking heroes of the American way? The image of drivers and public interest in trucking may never have been higher on this side of the pond, it's certain, and the recent success of some trucking-related television programs indicates at least that the interest is returning in a limited ...

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