Federal Highway Administration

DOT makes grants

| August 17, 2011

Agency announced $417.3 million in grants to fund projects ranging from interstate maintenance to research.

Highway construction cost index released

| June 27, 2011

Index is a measure of highway construction cost changes since 2003.

Federal funds given for Alabama road repairs

| June 08, 2011

An initial $1.5 million is immediately available to Alabama to pay for emergency repairs to highways damaged by tornadoes.

DOT gives road repair funds

| May 25, 2011

Agency made $1 million immediately available to Minnesota to repair roads and bridges.

Agency changes bridge inspection plan

| March 21, 2011

The new approach allows FHWA to more clearly and easily identify bridge issues in each state.

Street-sign replacement program put on hold for 45-day comment period

| November 30, 2010

Federally mandated changes to the design of local/state governments' corner road signs -- requiring mixed capital/lower-case type treatment with more reflective lettering, in effect a complete overhaul of existing signs the nation over by 2018 ...

Agency opposes court-imposed hours rules deadline

| August 17, 2010

FMCSA says court should not impose a deadline on issuing a regulation for supporting documents for hours-of-service compliance.

Agency offers $2M for technology reviews

| August 09, 2010

The $2 million from the Highways for LIFE Technology Partnerships Program will fund up to eight performance evaluations.

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