Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

OMB gets amended intermodal equipment rule

| April 26, 2012

FMCSA has sent the White House an amended final rule concerning intermodal equipment repair and maintenance.

The Apnea Hurdle

Lucinda Coulter | February 01, 2012

Coming regulations would force reckoning with a condition common to truckers. And that’s not all that could make passing the medical exam even harder.

CSA Part 2: Maintaining your equipment

Todd Dills | May 01, 2011

Now more than ever, you’re responsible for what you drive, including company trailers. Take control of maintenance with robust inspection procedures and self-education to avoid inspection hassles.

Pulse: Putting trouble behind you

Max Heine | June 01, 2010

A provision taking effect June 30 requires a driver to file a condition report upon turning in an intermodal chassis.

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