ATA supports electronic logs

ATA said Compliance Safety Accountability program shows a link between compliance with hours-of-service rules and carrier safety performance.

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FMCSA updates rule dates

The FMCSA and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration have discussed restricting use of electronic devices.

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CSA focuses more on drivers

CSA isn’t designed to score drivers, a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration official said in an online seminar presented by Overdrive.

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What’s proposed, what’s next

What's proposed, what's next

Onboard recorders could be required for all carriers that now do traditional logging. These stories will get you caught up with the developments.

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Language lurking in GAO’s CSA report to Congress: FMCSA hopeful to make driver data public

Language lurking in GAO's CSA report to Congress: FMCSA hopeful to make driver data public

Tonight, a major with the Colorado State Patrol I've spoken with on a couple different occasions about his work implementing the CSA Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories at the roadside inspector level will be delivering an hour-long presentation as part of Overdrive/Truckers News webinar series. It's called "CSA: What it means to you," and features Major Mark Savage at 8 p.m. Central time tonight. Tune in free of charge via your internet connection. For ...

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FMCSA safety group to meet at truck show

The committee is developing suggestions for the agency to define safety violations by motor carrier management.

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Tuesday webinar: CSA – What it means to you

Tuesday webinar: CSA - What it means to you

The Compliance, Safety, Accountability program is finally under way. Major Mark Savage will explain how it affects your day-to-day operations in a March 22 webinar.

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FMCSA seeks medical examiner rule comments

FMCSA has proposed to establish and maintain a National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

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FMCSA sends CSA warning letters to carriers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently sent warning letters to 23,000 carriers that need to address areas of compliance.

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Cargo insurance rule ends for most truckers

Most carriers will continue cargo insurance because customers will require it.

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