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10,200 trucking jobs added in February

| March 09, 2012

Payroll employment in trucking surged as trucking companies added 10,200 jobs on a seasonally adjusted basis.

Trucking firms add 3,600 positions

| December 02, 2011

Compared with November 2010, trucking employment is up by 33,800 jobs.


Overdrive Staff | August 05, 2011

Driver data could go public, U.S. and Mexico sign trucking deal, broker regulatory bill reintroduced and other industry news items are featured.

Trucking adds 1,300 jobs

Avery Vise | August 05, 2011

Compared to July 2010, trucking employment is up by 43,000 positions, or 3.5 percent.


Overdrive Staff | June 02, 2011

Hours comment deadline extended, lawmakers protest cross-border plan, bill would allow truck safety tax credit, FMCSA issues CDL amendments and other industry news items are featured.

Trucking adds 4,500 jobs

| May 06, 2011

Compared to April 2010, the number of jobs in for-hire trucking was up 41,600, or 3.4 percent.

Trucking jobs rise in February

| March 04, 2011

If the numbers hold, the increase in trucking jobs would be the largest one-month surge since December 1990.

Trucking jobs added in August

| September 04, 2010

Since the beginning of March, trucking companies have added 12,700 jobs, according to the preliminary numbers.

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