FreightWatch International

Cartel violence spikes in Nuevo Laredo

| July 23, 2010

Those with operations in Nuevo Laredo should consider adjusting or suspending them until security improves, said FreightWatch.

Stolen pharmaceutical truckload recovered

| June 28, 2010

With a tracking device embedded, FreightWatch International recovered the truckload on I-81 in Tennessee June 25.

Under attack

Lucinda Coulter | June 01, 2010

Shrewd thieves targeting unsuspecting owner-operators are stealing record amounts of freight and equipment.

Security firm thwarts cargo theft

| May 10, 2010

A covert tracking device embedded in pill bottles recently thwarted an attempt to steal pharmaceutical cargo and led to both full recovery of the products and an arrest, security solutions provider FreightWatch International announced. The ...

FreightWatch launches new security program

| March 02, 2010

FreightWatch International, a logistics security solutions provider, announced the launch of its Authorized Intelligence Partnership Program. The program provides members the ability to use FreightWatch intelligence throughout their business units and for communications with vendors, ...

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