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Rich Wilson’s ‘state of the industry'; and MCSAC apnea update

You're likely to remember Rich Wilson (pictured), former owner-operator and current regulatory manager with the Trans Products/Trans Services company, for his part in the Truck Driver Social Media Convention last fall, where he urged the drivers and owner-operators in attendance really be a part of the regulatory process -- on the front end, in the planning stages, before the regs were written and codified and, well, gained staying power. Wilson himself was at the Motor Carrier ...

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Bank robbery: The things some will do for health care

Perhaps you've heard this story already -- desperate for something he thinks is totally out of his financial range, man does something over-the-top, creating a national media circus along the way. The latest variant comes from Gaston County in North Carolina in the form of a former beverage delivery driver feeling so much in need of medical care and not wanting to be a burden on extended family, he says, that he concocted and executed a ...

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Truckers discuss real-world health problems

Truckers reviewed health problems and challenges of coping with them at an international conference on driver health in Baltimore.

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Health care bill offers immediate changes

The U.S. House of Representative approved the Senate’s Christmas Eve-passed version of health care and insurance reform legislation by a vote of 219-212, with 34 Democrats joining Republicans in voting against the bill. U.S. President Obama was expected to sign the legislation Tuesday, March 23. The House also voted in favor of several changes to the Senate bill (220-211) that faces Senate action in reconciliation this week. “Immediate Improvements” to the health care system enabled by the ...

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‘Truck’ front and center in MA Senate victory

National media, at the behest of the candidate/soon-to-be-senator himself, are putting a GMC Canyon pickup at the center of his (some say) upset victory over the Democrat running against him for Senator Edward Kennedy's former Senate seat in Massachusetts. If polls we conducted in August and December are any indication, it's appropriate that a truck (if, admittedly, only a pickup) should be responsible for putting in ever more murky light the possibility of health ...

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Speakout: The Voice of the American Trucker

Truckers deserve thanks After working as a paralegal and manager stuck in an office for 20 years, I joined my owner-operator husband Vince Connell, as a passenger on his runs hauling Broadway show equipment for Clark Transfer. Here’s some of what I learned while riding with him. Chivalry is alive and well in truck stops. They are clean and safe, the showers are full-fledged bathrooms, and many of the employees are noticeably nice. Truck drivers make maneuvering ...

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