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Overdrive Staff | October 01, 2011

Audit delays cross-border plan, court asked to review pilot program, hours rule due by end of month, a bridge closure, FMCSA says CSA helps compliance and other industry news items are featured.

Study: 2010 engine quality improves slightly

| September 01, 2011

Fewer 2010 engine problems were reported than in previous year, J.D. Power and Associates said.

Study: Problems with newer engines

| September 02, 2010

J.D. Power study finds that 51 percent of owners of 1-year-old heavy-duty truck engines in 2010 report experiencing a problem.

Newton’s laws of motion at work on NYSE?

| April 12, 2010

Every driver knows, at least intuitively, Newton's third law of motion, right? Or is it the first? In any case, it typically runs something like "for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction," and ...

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