June: Whats Your Best Advice For Choosing Loads

Gypsy Road Shows

| June 19, 2013


Jason Burns

| June 19, 2013

Lightest load, short haul, same day pickup and deliver

Eric Whaley

| June 19, 2013

Knowing your numbers helps when choosing a load. It's about making a profit  

Don Smith

| June 19, 2013

Curious Lloyd, how do you make any money?

William Stewart

| June 19, 2013

Don't take cheap freight!  

Mark Warzyniak

| June 19, 2013

Say NO to cheap freight!

Darrell L. Agee

| June 19, 2013

Best $ per mile and least amount of BS

Robert Murray

| June 19, 2013

One mans ceiling is another mans floor

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