June: Whats Your Best Advice For Choosing Loads

William Stewart

Don't take cheap freight!  

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Mark Warzyniak

Say NO to cheap freight!

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Darrell L. Agee

Best $ per mile and least amount of BS

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Robert Murray

One mans ceiling is another mans floor

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Mike Man Iac Logsdon

Everyone talks about taking cheap freight well my cheap freight could be as low as 71cpm as I would still profit but some might be 1.00 and they loose money know know your numbers get contract freight cut out the middle man learn your lanes and learn your customers you can only profit if your willing to profit

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Zachary Bell

I would know my costs and question anything that pays less than $1.50/mile plus fuel surcharge. That's roughly 2 times the "operating costs" for a aerodynamic tractor/trailer combination that gets 7 MPG on flat ground in ideal conditions. I would also minimize deadhead, and track my fuel mileage to the HUNDREDTH of a mile on pen and paper (or using an app such as Kevin Rutherford's Gauges for Android). Staying in a good lane helps maximize ...

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Joseph Rookie Graham

Stay in a good lane, make sure you can reload out of there with minimal deadhead mileage. Most importantly know your operating cost and don't waver on your it

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David Holt

When you're offered cheap freight tell them there rate sucks and call someone else. I'll travel half way across the country empty before u see cheap freight on my trucks. Cheap freight can rot on the dock for all I care.

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Dex Jones

The lighter the better, try to do the least dead head, and keep in mind your fuel costs and maintenance on your truck and trailer. Keep an eye on your down time, and the type of terrain you are driving thru as well as areas that are known for traffic jams and back ups.

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