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Video: Tony Justice live in Nashville at the downtown TA

Trucker/singer-songwriter Tony Justice live at the TA location in downtown Nashville -- this video captures an acoustic version of the "We Drive Trucks" anthem on his new "Brothers of the Highway" record.

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Podcast: A look back at Watermelon Slim’s trucking blues live in Nashville, Tuscaloosa

Bill "Watermelon Slim" Homans in 2010, upon release of his "Escape from the Chicken Coop" record of trucking blues, playing his solo slide at Carol Ann's in Nashville and at Overdrive HQ in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

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Downtime pursuits: More road music from Tennessee

Tony Justice moving down the roadFirst up, Allen Smith over at reports Tony Justice (featured in the blog here and here and last month in Truckers News) will be performing at a pre-Grammy Awards showcase in Hollywood Feb. 12. Congrats, Tony! If you haven't seen it as yet, look for his excellent "On the Road" trucking-country record at Pilot stores nationwide. For more about the show, check out the story here. Cumberland Collective revisitedSecondly, I ...

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