POLL: What’s the longest you’ve stayed with one carrier?

If you've ever leased to or driven for another carrier, how long was your longest consecutive tenure with one. Tell us in this poll.

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Imagine running for the same fleet for 50 years…

Can you? We’ve heard no shortage of stories of independents who’ve stayed active that long leased to different carriers or on their own, but never with the same company. (If you have, I'm all ears!) I can't think of a company driver who's done it, either (though Wisconsin-based Butch Mueller is getting pretty close), and as far as UPS knows, Springboro, Ohio, resident Ron “Big Dog” Sowder (pictured) “may be the only in the trucking ...

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Feature Article: Siping Strides

Tire makers take tread to new levels through advanced siping, improving traction and longevity.

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