Road not taken: Let’s go truck… I mean, er, lumping!

Another "road not taken" here, and it's an unlikely one, at best. While many operators "lump" something every day, full-time work doing so I imagine is no doubt unappealing to many. The income potential, says Michael Croker, Director of Operations for the Universal Lumpers service, in business for 30 years, is on the quite low side, too, particularly at start: "A base lumper that comes in with no prior experience -- to start with they make in most ...

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POLL: How often do you use lumpers?

Do you pay lumpers or otherwise contract with a "freight handling" service in your trucking operation? Tell us how often if you do -- or if you don't -- in this poll.

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To lump or not to lump, that is the question

George pays a $215 lumper fee, and Wendy gets a good story out of it. "They're now called 'freight handlers,' I'm told. You can call 'em The Queen of England, for all I care, it doesn't change the fact that they're extortionists."

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