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Paul Marhoefer’s ‘Elloree’, with a new music video, tells Jason’s Law story

Asked to write a song for Jason's Law by a friend, Marhoefer asked himself what bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley would do and wrote it as a murder ballad -- the final result, a powerful invocation of the story behind the parking-funding/security legislation.

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Music video premiere: Boo Ray’s “Keep That Hammer Down”

Music video premiere: Boo Ray's "Keep That Hammer Down"

Exclusive to Overdrive, this premiere of outlaw Americana musician and songwriter Boo Ray's "Keep That Hammer Down" video comes on the heels of Ray's release this year of the "Sea of Lights" record.

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Tony Justice, Aaron Tippin ‘Brothers of the Highway’ music video

Watch the music video for Tony Justice's new "Brothers of the Highway" album title track, a vocal collaboration with country legend Aaron Tippin. The video is produced by Big Rig Videos' Chris Fiffie.

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Aaron Tippin, Tony Justice: Behind the music video with Chris Fiffie

Big Rig Videos' Chris Fiffie, out from behind his camera during filming of footage set to become his music video for Tony Justice/Aaron Tippin's collaboration on "Brothers of the Highway," title track from Justice's upcoming record.

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No Doubt behind the big-rig wheel with ‘Settle Down’

No Doubt behind the big-rig wheel with 'Settle Down'

Band No Doubt's first single release in a decade comes with a video featuring the crew rendezvousing for a reunion party behind the wheels of big rigs.

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Complimentary advertisement… and: PSP unlikely to be the new DAC

Complimentary advertisement... and: PSP unlikely to be the new DAC

Driver with a lens-load of cool It's been a few months since we checked in with on-road crooner Howard Salmon, so he checked in with us, sending along this picture he happened upon recently, with a pre-emptive answer to the obvious question. Yes indeedy, he wrote, "I am also sending this to Geico Insurance." He caught the gekko, he says, chewing on a piece of some bread he'd been eating while he leafed through a phone book ...

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‘There Is a Cure’ — new song written for breast-cancer-awareness convoy

'There Is a Cure' -- new song written for breast-cancer-awareness convoy

It's coming up Oct. 16, 2010, following the success of last year's inaugural U.S. event in Texas. At the TravelCenters of America location in Terrell, Texas, on I-20 at exit 503, the Convoy for a Cure for breast cancer will bring together truck drivers for a good cause, keeping alive and spreading the tradition of the initial 2008 convoy of the same name in Ontario, Canada. In advance of the event, reports Texas convoy organizer Cindy Stowe, One Bar Records ...

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