Bright spots few and far between

| March 05, 2009

  There’s plenty of bad news from the economy-watchers at the Institute of Supply Management. As the headline for the February roundup of manufacturing stats says: “New Orders, Production, Employment and Inventories Contracting.”   No surprise there. ...

Following the billions

| March 02, 2009

  You’ve heard reports about the diverse types of projects that the federal bailouts are funding, in some cases how few jobs they will create, and how some of the expenditures are scheduled to take place ...

Some stimulus trickle-down for trucking

| February 18, 2009

The $787 billion economic stimulus doesn’t offer much for leased operators other than hopes of better roads and, with federal aid to banks, easier credit. Some tax provisions, though, can benefit carriers, including small owner-operator independents, ...

Caterpillar jobs: Two accounts

| February 16, 2009

In case you missed the news from last week’s foulup about Caterpillar and the economic recovery plan, you can see and hear the remarks yourself. President Obama, visiting Caterpillar in Peoria, Ill., claimed Cat CEO Jim ...

Chapter 11 for Sirius XM?

| February 11, 2009

  The graph of Sirius XM Radio stock looks like a runaway truck descending a mean mountain pass. News reports today speculate the escape ramp might take the form of Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.   CNN.Money.com reported ...

Offering more than the other guy

| February 06, 2009

Overdrive’s 2007 Trucker of the Year, two-truck fleet owner Henry Albert, knows that other independents, as well as bigger fleets, can do what he does. And in the current environment, ranking behind the competition isn’t ...

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