Phil Madsen

Driver lounge horror stories

| May 04, 2012

I spent part of today at the Orlando Volvo truck dealership and was able to avoid a long sit in the driver's lounge. Yes!

Trucking, trading and writing

| May 03, 2012

Trucking, trading and writing; that's my routine

The Orlando mechanic delivers

| May 02, 2012

Visiting the Orlando Volvo trucks dealer for the first time, we are pleasantly surprised.

One-stop load and skipping vacation for truck maintenance

| May 01, 2012

Finally free of a multi-stop load, we are preparing to visit a Florida Volvo truck dealer for the first time.

Roadside Attractions

Overdrive Staff | May 01, 2012

Owner-operators have some strong words, an air force vet finds a third life in trucking, a demand for bee hive transport; plus Truck Gauge, Channel 19 and Truck Gallery are featured.

More about the detained trucker

| April 29, 2012

More about Jabin Bogan, the U.S. truck driver who is being detained in Mexico.

A remodeled truck stop and a strange haul

| April 28, 2012

We saw today the Petro truck stop in Kenley, N.C. for the first time since it was remodeled. Nice!

A not-crazy part of New Jersey, who woulda thunk?

| April 27, 2012

We drove in a part of New Jersey we had not seen before and were pleasantly surprised.

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