Hot, cold states for reefer freight

Freight, rates trend of the week: A closer look at the spot market reefer segment, including; How to get back from Philadelphia to Green Bay to maximize loaded revenue.

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NFI driver delivers third roadside baby

I was all set this morning to write about the debate over the appropriate strategy toward dealing with fraud in the trucking industry from crooked poseur brokers and the like (tune in tomorrow for more on that), but sometimes a story hits that is just too good and/or unbelievable to pass on. Today, that story is NFI driver Mike Hawthorne's. According to press reports, and NFI's website, Hawthorne not only assisted Jack and Tammy Smith on ...

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Tow-truckers echo long-haulers on Discovery’s ‘Wreck Chasers’

In many ways, tow-truckers are the absolute opposites of long-haulers. The tow-truckers of the Discovery Channel's new "Wreck Chasers" series, on a three week trial run that began with two half-hour episodes Monday, are trying to beat their competitors to the sight of a wreck, of course. In Philadelphia, among whose tow-truckers the story is set, all still operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, making competition much fiercer than in most U.S. cities of comparable ...

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