Over the canyon rim — a grand, prize-winning truck driver’s photo — and more

This stunning view off the U.S. 89 bridge over the Colorado River near Page, Ariz., was shot by Gordon Trucking company driver Ron Nikirk, based in Oakland, Ore. Gordon becomes our fifth winner since we launched the contests in July via The Photographer: Truckers News Photo Group on, a development that followed nearly three years of slow build in group membership. Membership levels continue to rise, thanks to your interest in the contests and ...

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‘Personal and poetic meditation’ on American trucking

The creators are art photographers Frank Tribble and Tracey Mancenido, a husband-wife team who a couple years back, NPR reported last week in their "Picture Show" feature, took up the trucking life for a time to get a clearer understanding of the world. The result, a photographic exhibition at the Sasha Wolf Gallery in New York City perhaps appropriately dubbed "Hurry Up and Wait," is a collection of portrait and abstract photography I suspect you ...

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One week left in Sept. Truckers News photo contest

The contest asks for pictures of "Truckstop scenes," such as this night shot I took in the early a.m. Wednesday, at a Georgia Pilot on the way back from Atlanta with Western Express driver Derek Dorsey. The prize, in addition to publication in Truckers News, will be something of a "field guide" to the basics of shooting, by Bryan Peterson, founder of the Perfect Picture School of Photography, It's "Understanding Photography Field Guide: How to ...

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Trucking shutterbugs bring it in Truckers News first photo contest

Photographers brought pretty stunning images to the online photo forum we host at the the photo site for the first, July contest on the theme of "Junked or Forgotten Trucks/Trailers." Check out Bob McGilvray's runner-up "Rusy"  here to see the quality of the work sent in from around the nation (McGilvray's been featured in Truckers News before, actually, when he captured a empathic moment of driver error -- "We've all been there," he said ...

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If you missed it, get over to Overdrive sister magazine Custom Rigs' website for John Riccio's story about the recent Transport for Christ Truck Rally at the Lebanon Valley Expo Center in Lebanon, Pa., which "has rocked Lebanon for the past 29 years," Riccio wrote, himself the proprietor over at, a veritable treasure of Riccio and fellow photographers' work shooting the rigs that are the headliners of any trucking show, big or small.  As Riccio ...

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New Truckers News photo contests starting in July

In July, Truckers News, via its photo group on, is embarking on a new monthly series of photo contests -- the winner will have his/her photo published in the magazine and will receive an instructional book on photography. Each contest will be themed, so it may require a little looking around/searching -- I'm posting this early on so you can get to scanning the horizon for some scenes including JUNKED or FORGOTTEN TRUCKS/TRAILERS, such as ...

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Colorful codriver, trucking blues, health care reform and more in this month’s Truckers News

If you've missed the May edition of Truckers News on the racks out at the truckstops this month (I know copies in the more popular stops tend to go quickly), check it out online. Many great stories therein, including an examination of the health-care reform bill (the upshot: jury's still of course out on how the bill will affect the benefit programs of trucking businesses large and small, though parties from both are hopeful) and ...

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South Pole ice roads redux

More pictures from South African Antarctic research expedition -- now that's extreme intermodal.

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Permitting Tony the truckstop tiger

After a year and more of challenges to the legality of Tony the truckstop tiger's residence at the Gross Tete, La., Tiger Truck Stop by animal rights activists, the AP reports the owners have obtained necessary permits from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to keep the tiger. South Carolina-based hauler Kris Ewing took the opportunity of a Christmas run to Laredo to stop in and take a few pictures of Tony and the truckstop ...

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Interested in photography?

Become a member of The Photographer: Truckers News photo group on Flickr, and you'll be able to browse through photos from other truckers around the world, as well as share your own. It's free to join, or you can upgrade to a paid account with more storage space if you so choose. Photo by Hank Good.

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