Port of Seattle

Truckers end walkout at Seattle port

| February 15, 2012

The owner-operators were protesting low pay, overweight loads and condition of chassis they pull owned by freight companies.

Port haulers on Occupy actions

| December 13, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street movement claimed solidarity with West Coast port haulers yesterday in efforts with varying success to shut down ports in Southern and Northern California as well as farther north in the Pacific ...

Seattle agencies cut small business paperwork

| April 06, 2011

Small businesses that qualify as small contractors and suppliers can fill out one application for the Port of Seattle and King County.

Seattle port starts clean trucks program

| January 11, 2011

More than 5,929 trucks and more than 1,100 trucking companies/truck owners are registered, according to the port.

Seattle port schedules truck registry deadline

Jill Dunn | August 19, 2010

Port has given drayage truckers until Dec. 31 to register their trucks, which must have a 1994 engine or newer.

Seattle program scraps 200 drayage trucks

| July 02, 2010

ScRAPS started last November with the goal of taking at least 250 drayage trucks with pre-1994 engines off the road.

Seattle port trucks updated

| February 03, 2010

In the last three months, 59 truck owners working the Port of Seattle have turned in their older polluting diesel trucks for a $5,000 scrap credit. About 85 percent of the trucks have been or are ...

Seattle port trucks updated

| February 01, 2010

In the past three months, 59 truck owners have turned in their older diesel trucks for a $5,000 scrap credit

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