Readers debate viability of pre-2000 model year approach to avoiding ELD mandate

At the center of the commentary, pushback on the notion that near-20-year-old equipment could be considered reliable enough to deliver suitable profitability. As one commenter noted, telling his story, an owner-operator might do well "to have two -- one to run, and one for a spare. And one for parts if you can store it.""

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13 reasons you hang on to that old truck

Having a truck paid off makes for a boost in versatility in decisions about the business -- in a variety of ways, too, many associated with outright ownership of specifically older equipment, readers say.

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‘CSA-equivalent’ scoring pitched to brokers, shippers

'CSA-equivalent' scoring pitched to brokers, shippers

Regarding its "CSA-e" re-engineering of CSA percentiles, SaferWatch raises the specter of negligence lawsuits for brokers not utilizing available information assessing risks when selecting carriers -- but if Congress and so many others are right, it's never been a better time to stop such use altogether.

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CSA program not ‘meeting the goal’

CSA program not 'meeting the goal'

If you think the FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program has misdirected carriers’ safety focus in a big way, you’ll find a friend in Oregon DOT's David McKane.

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CSA’s mad math: Readers right on lack of reliability

CSA's mad math: Readers right on lack of reliability

Clearly the “A” in CSA isn’t working when the data being accounted for paint a distorted picture. The result is a system where too many small carriers are assumed guilty until proven innocent.

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Hino, Cummins, Paccar top power rankings for medium-duty engines

Class 5, 6 and 7 truck engines and transmissions were rated in J.D. Power's U.S. Medium Duty Truck Engine and Transmission Study of vocational application models.

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