rest breaks

FAA bill with trucking hours and pay implications advances

A bill that would prevent states from requiring truckers and their employers to comply with state laws regulating hours of service, such as meal or rest break requirements, has been approved by the House’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. The bill would also, if enacted, throw cold water on state-level initiated driver pay reform.

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‘Anne Ferro would be proud’…

One ridealong pit bull that will be familiar to regular readers would "make Anne Ferro proud with his berth time and breaks..." More on rescued "Buddy Roe" and his travels from hauler Mary Hanlon.

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Go Guy ‘pocket urinal’ pitchman ‘Go Cousin Vinny’

"As spring approaches," runs the latest press release from the makers of the Go Guy pocket urinal (motto: "When there is nowhere to go, go where you are"), "more truckers will be heading out onto the open road to haul their wares from state to state" -- a pretty blanket statement, but likely valid considering historical seasonal upticks. "And in light of this," the release continues, "U-R-IN Control ... has a dire warning this spring for ...

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