‘CSA-equivalent’ scoring pitched to brokers, shippers

'CSA-equivalent' scoring pitched to brokers, shippers

Regarding its "CSA-e" re-engineering of CSA percentiles, SaferWatch raises the specter of negligence lawsuits for brokers not utilizing available information assessing risks when selecting carriers -- but if Congress and so many others are right, it's never been a better time to stop such use altogether.

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File under ‘Uberization of trucking’ — two recent announcements

File under 'Uberization of trucking' -- two recent announcements

Trucker Path's "Truckloads" feature to officially launch publicly with brokered freight March 30. And: Overhaul service for high-value/high-security loads coming later in the year.

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Carrier ‘absolute measure’ scores return to five CSA categories

Each carrier's CSA SMS profile now includes in its public view each carrier's "absolute measure" score in five of the seven BASIC categories of analysis.

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Yankee Candle creates a new scent called ‘Vitriol’

Yankee Candle creates a new scent called 'Vitriol'

Wendy on the dust-up over a shipper/receiver facility's "no restrooms for drivers" policy: "Unfortunately, the bad apples of the bunch have ruined the sauce for all of us. It's time to cull those tainted fruits."

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Driver shortage: Where are the empty shelves?

How the "driver shortage" topic became a mainstream media staple, marked by stories that often stress the job opportunity angle, occasionally conjuring images of empty trucks and bare store shelves.

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Framing the trucking labor situation: Shortage at what price?

“Labor shortage” can mean different things to different people, whether a supply/demand imbalance at "current market prices" or "at any price" -- the latter often well implied in driver shortage stories that suggest a disruption to the supply chain that consumers will see and feel.

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Shipper to owner-operators: Come on down!

Some shippers' common bond with owner-operators -- when it comes to procuring transportation, they'd rather not deal with brokers or large asset-based carriers, either.

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Building the customer base: Work the relationship for the long term

Working the spot market via load boards, you may never lay eyes on the face of the freight broker. By contrast, going after direct shipper contracts is largely an exercise in long-term relationship building.

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The question any independent owner-operator business must answer

“Why is anybody going to use you to ship their material?” -- your business' distinguishing "why you" factor could take many forms, such as in these examples related to specialized equipment, geography and freight niche.

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Building the shipper customer base for freight

With expected long-term demand for capacity, it’s a good time for independents and small fleets to work toward securing contract freight direct with shippers.

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