‘Truckers to Shut Down America’ viral meme keeps moving

The Facebook page that went viral the third week of September calling for a trucking shutdown was then shut down itself under murky circumstances. Meanwhile, nontrucking promoters move toward a semblance of organization.

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Agency orders shutdown of two carriers, one driver

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has ordered Oak Park, Mich.-based Highway Star Inc., one of its drivers, and Atlanta-based General Trucking Inc. to immediately cease operations.

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From fuel price ‘nightmares’ to trucking book

Writer Mary Richardson, whom Atlanta-based Creative Loafing describes as a former editor with the Truckers Connection publication, had what she describes as "nightmares" during relatively modest spikes in fuel prices during the year 2006, shortly after she started working there. She "was having these apocalyptic nightmares about fuel prices getting so high that trucks would stop," she told Creative Loafing's Wyatt Williams, "causing grocery store shelves to fall empty, with people running around and buying up everything, having ...

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